NC school principal sparks ‘racist’ claims for school shooter response

‘Mad mamma’ North Carolina school principal Wendy Waters is branded racist for saying killer college shooter from Wuhan had ‘nothing WHITE about him’ and that he was Chinese spy

A school principal has sparked outrage after claiming the UNC shooter Tailei Qi was a Chinese spy and that he had ‘nothing WHITE about him.’

Wendy Waters, the head of Spring Creek High School in Wayne County, North Carolina, has been branded a racist after she issued a scathing response to Monday’s shooting in which Qi allegedly shot dead his own tutor.  

‘What? He only came to our country in 2022 from the UNIVERSITY OF WUHAN!!!’ she wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post. ‘My bet is he’s a Chinese Nationalist as a “visiting student” stealing or intellectual property working for the CCP!!’ 

The shocking post continued by saying there is ‘nothing WHITE’ about Qi, and she vowed to ‘not let them get away with their gaslighting BS!!!’ 

The school principal, who has not been fired from her role, ended the tirade by branding herself a ‘mad mamma’ and saying ‘WE NEED TO DECOUPLE FROM PEOPLE WHO HATE US!!!’ 

Tailei Qi has been charged with first-degree shooting over Monday's shooting at the Chapel Hill campus at the University of North Carolina

Spring Creek High School in North Carolina condemned principal Wendy Waters' (pictured) social media rant, but has not fired her and said she is 'under review'

Waters' outlandish Facebook post sparked racism allegations after she said there was 'nothing white' about the UNC campus shooter

The Facebook post comes days after Qi was charged with first-degree murder for the shooting of Zijie Yan, an associate professor who taught the alleged gunman as part of a physics research group. 

When the shooting unfolded, terrified students were seen jumping out of a first-story window to escape the gunshots. 

But the doctoral student, who had previously graduated from the University of Wuhan, has now been accused by the school principal of ‘working for the CCP’. 

Waters’ wild allegation comes months after the US Department of Energy released a report finding the Covid-19 pandemic originated from a lab leak in Wuhan, China. 

The pandemic also sparked a wave of anti-Asian hate crimes and discrimination, and Waters’ rant has been condemned by concerned parents, social media and her own school – despite not firing her for the post. 

In a statement after her remarks emerged online, Wayne County Schools said it was ‘aware’ of her social media tirade, but said there was no change to her status as the principal, according to WRAL

‘While we are limited in what we can say, as this is a personnel matter, we must be clear by stating that the personal post by Ms. Waters in no way reflects the views of the school district,’ the statement continued. 

‘This matter is under review and is being handled in accordance with local Board of Education policies.’ 

Social media comments from people claiming to be students at Waters’ school allege that she frequently rants over the PA system and is described as ‘awful’. A Facebook profile said to be hers also sees her self-describe as a ‘political junkie.’ 

Social media erupted with outrage after the Facebook post emerged online, with some claiming to be students of Waters' alleging she frequently rants over the school's PA system

Tailei Qi graduated from Wuhan University in 2015, as Waters allegedly questioned if he was a spy for the CCP

Monday’s shooting on the UNC’s Chapel Campus saw Qi allegedly gun down Yan after they worked together researching nanoscience technology. 

When the shooting erupted, the campus was put under lockdown as police launched an hour-and-a-half long manhunt that ended with the arrest of Qi around a mile away from the campus. 

He was charged with first-degree murder the next day, and friends of the alleged shooter said that he seemed ‘nice’ and was ‘very quiet’ when they studied together.

Ayden Scott told WRAL: ‘I would have never guessed that he would be the kind of person who’d could possibly be capable of this kind of thing. He was always very quiet.’

‘Every single time he would talk to me, he seemed very nice. When I saw his face in the reports online, I was beyond shocked.’

Investigators have not yet released a motive for the shooting, and Qi was held without bond after he did not enter a plea in a court appearance Tuesday

Qi, 34, made his first court appearance on Tuesday, and faces charges of first-degree murder and felony possession of a weapon on campus

Tailei Qi (second right) and his academic advisor Zijie Yan (left) were seen in a photograph previously circulated by the college before the horror attack on Monday

Zijie Yan, the suspect's academic advisor, was tragically killed in the shooting

After he was in custody, a slew of concerning, rambling social media posts allegedly written by Qi surfaced that saw him rant online about bullies, ‘tattletales’ and being overworked in the months before the fatal shooting. 

Qi wrote on July 31: ‘Would like to make some new friends. I am a second-year PhD student, interested in nanoparticle synthesis, optical trapping, self-assembly, spectra analysis, and ML.

‘A bit stupid in daily trifles, very enthusiastic talking about research. Reach me if inerest [sic].’

He often complained about his PI – or Principal Investigator – which is the common name for the head of the laboratory in a research center, however he did not identify his alleged victim, Yan, in the posts. 

In one tweet from October 31, 2022, he wrote: ‘Both the group of people to say I am lazy and that to prove me working hard instead of telling me that are trying to consume my privacy.

‘I judge their motivation is only to tell my PI then control me by taletelling.’

On August 18 last year, he wrote: ‘Just have a talk with my PI and get his promise. He should have more experience to handle with these girls and tattletales.

‘Then, we can just get ourselves out of these stupid topic. Let’s just focus our attention on nature. I won’t change anything if not necessary.’

He also complained about being tired from the hours he worked, saying in another post: ‘

‘Last semester I walk 80+ hours per week and I feel relaxing and energetic. Now I only work 60+ hours per week and I feel tired.

‘Just because I spend too much time to persuade myself that I work just out of interests instead of to show others I am working.’

In another tweet from July 18 last year, he said: ‘Just feel my privacy was insulted.

‘When I work, I will think I was showing the boss I am working instead of interests, devaluing the meaning of my work. That’s so disgusting.

‘Self-respect block me from working. Then it takes pains to convince myself what I do is just because I like.’

The alleged shooter also complained about bullying in the US.

He wrote: ‘Bully in America seems to be a problem. It often comes with people not stopping them at the first time. Explanation is not a solution but makes them feel others will plead them every time they raise a problem, making them voyeur to find an excuse day and night.’

Tailei Qi can be seen in an image provided to WRAL sitting on the floor near a property around a mile away from the campus, wearing a dark colored shirt and glasses

 The claims over CCP ‘spies’ infiltrating US universities comes after years of speculation that the Chinese government has set up espionage links in American education. 

These claims led the Trump administration to introduce the ‘China Initiative’, a national security program designed to combat claims intellectual property was being stolen at research universities – a program that was ended by President Biden in February 2022. 

However, accusations against Chinese academics in US universities is often seen as meritless, and Duke Professor Eileen Chow told WRAL that she has seen students unfairly targeted by the issue.

‘Especially students in STEM have been suspected of being spies or being traitors or what not,’ Chow said. ‘This is something that Asian Americans or Asian diaspora or international students in the U.S. – we constantly worry about.’


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