Neo-Nazi’s concerning plot to infiltrate Australia’s defence force

Neo Nazis attempting to infiltrate Australian Defence Force 

  • Extremists trying to join Australian Defence Force 
  • Member’s want military training to boost skill set
  • Defence has bolstered its recruitment vetting process

Neo Nazis are among extremists attempting to join the Australian Defence Force or recruit serving members to their cause. 

The ADF, along with Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), have identified individuals with ‘ideologically motivated extremism’ within the ranks.

Several have tried to join the military while others have tried to infiltrate it by other means and groom members who are already serving their country.

Defence sources explained the extremists are hoping to gain military training to boost their skill set ‘capabilities’, the Herald Sun reported.

The reason for boosting their skill set is not clear but the overall plot to infiltrate the defence force is to push a destabilising agenda. 

Defence confirmed it is working closely with ASIO to identify counter threats posed to Australia’s security. 

The Defence Force, along with Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), have identified individuals with 'ideologically motivated extremism' trying to join or being groomed while in their military ranks (Stock image of a Royal Australian Navy sailor)

Defence Force sources explained the plot is being made so that members can receive military training to boost their skill set 'capabilities' (A general view at SAS Barracks in Swanbourne, Western Australia)

‘There is no place for unlawful or inappropriate association with groups or organisations that engage in advocacy for extremist ideology, extremist views, or criminal activity within the Australian Defence Force,’ Defence said in a statement.

‘Defence works closely with law enforcement and intelligence agencies to identify and counter threats to Defence and Defence personnel involving ideologically motivated extremism.’

Defence did not identify the number of people with extremist views trying to join the military, nor did they share those within the ranks who are no longer fit for service under extremist ideology parameters. 

However, the ADF has bolstered their recruitment vetting processes, which includes sharing intelligence with ASIO to make sure their tests meet proper standards.  

‘Defence investigates and takes action when personnel are identified as being potentially involved in unlawful or inappropriate activities,’ Defence said.

‘This may include referring investigations to law enforcement and national security agencies.’

At least half of ASIO’s onshore priority caseload is related to the extreme right wing nationalist threat, according to parliamentary hearings. 

The other half of the domestic security agency’s priority onshore caseload relates to religious-motivated extremism and terrorism.  

Some former ADF members are using social media to push extreme conspiracies and encourage Aussies to fight against State-sanctioned public injustices. 

A former army officer claimed in one video shared online that State biometrics are designed to enslave the public and expose truth-telling ‘patriots’. 

Alleged members of a far-right extremist Neo-Nazi group seen at Halls Gap (pictured)

Pictured, group of 'Neo-Nazi skinheads' singing Waltzing Matilda, performing Nazi salutes and getting drunk while shouting 'white power' at a national park in Victoria

In another video on the same platform another former infantry soldier said there is a government plot around mRNA vaccines for May 2024. 

He also claimed the government was behind a real-life secret program of genetic manipulation, which is created by an AI-controlled army of ‘super soldiers’ – like the ones in the Hollywood sci-fi action film franchise Universal Soldier. 

Extremism in Australia have been kinked to conspiracies about the Covid pandemic, right-wing nationalists, supremacists and the anti-authority sovereign citizens group. 

Daily Mail Australia contacted the Australian Defence Force for comment.  


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