Netflix viewers are raving over David Fincher’s new film

David Fincher’s on-screen adaptation of the French graphic novel The Killer has gripped fans and received rave reviews on social media.

The neo-noir R-Rated thriller, which has been in the works since 2007, is modelled on the 1998 French comic book of the same name, by Alex Nolent and artist Luc Jacamon and stars Michael Fassbender as a troubled assassin

It had a limited release in cinemas from 27 October, but just two weeks later, on 10 November, the slow burner was released onto streaming platform Netflix.

Ever since, The Killer has taken social media by storm, with fans deeming it a ‘delightful watch’ and others considering it their ‘favourite movie of the year’.

But such glowing reviews aren’t a rarity for Fincher, whose films quickly become cult-classics, such as Fight Club and Zodiac.

David Fincher's latest release 'The Killer' starring Michael Fassbender (pictured) has received a stream of glowing reviews

After a pivotal close call, a hit man takes on his employers on an international manhunt while simultaneously battling his inner demons.

Michael Fassbender brings the cool and calculated killer to life as he lurks in the shadows listening The Smiths, while waiting for the perfect time to claim his next victim – without a shred of regret on his mind.

However, his callous act quickly starts to unravel when a hit goes wrong, and the killer becomes embroiled in a blood-stained manhunt across the globe.

‘The Killer has an old-fashioned feel and still manages to nail its target by bringing dashes of freshness, wit and unpredictability to this well-worn genre,’ CNN’s critic Brian Lowry said.

A.A Dowd of Digital Trends said: ‘Leave it to Fincher to find something personal in an ode to impersonality.’

Peter Trevers of ABC offered similar praise and said: ‘It’s Fincher’s deliciously depraved conceit that his perfectionist process is not unlike the killer’s.

‘In his hands, and a mesmerizing title turn from Fassbinder, what could have been a hitman cliche becomes a tangle of loose ends hauntingly left untied.’

British actress Tilda Swinton (pictured) plays 'The Expert' is Fincher's latest neo-noir action thriller

The film follows Michael Fassbender as 'The Killer', and his cool act quickly unravels after a job goes wrong

Likewise, fans took to social media to share their thought on the film, and many were impressed. 

One said: ‘David Fincher doesn’t disappoint at all. Michael Fassbender with his cold looks is unpredictable and a delightful; watch. Just when you believe he would do something, he does the opposite.’ 

A second simply said: ‘Fantastic movie.’ 

A third wrote: ‘Favourite movie of the year.’ 

Another added:  ‘Watched The Killer on Netflix over the weekend and I’m still thinking about it now. Can’t take your eyes off it & my appreciation of it grows the more I think about it. Great movie.’

Michael Fassbender¿s title character spends days staking out a swanky penthouse, waiting in the rented apartment opposite for a clear line of sight to his target

Fans flocked to X, previously called Twitter, to share their thoughts on the film, and many were impressed

A fifth added: ‘I enjoyed ‘The Killer’ on Netflix. A film about men’s mental health. Main character obviously desperate for a talk with his mates. Works alone, long hours, the fact he’s constantly listening to the smiths is a cry for help too.’

Another said: ‘#thekiller. Fincher’s Netflix oeuvre is an impressive, grounded and minimalist story about a thoughtful murderer for hire.

‘Fassbender plays the empty shell convincingly. It stands in stark contrast to more action-specked fantastical movies in the same genre.’

Another fan added: ‘Watched The Killer on Netflix late last night. Fincher delivers, as usual, and I am kind of glad that there were no ‘twists’. 

‘Also, The Smiths-saturated soundtrack was a treat.’ 


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