New never-seen-before video of fraudster Melissa Caddick

New never-seen-before video of fraudster Melissa Caddick enjoying a festival is expected to further enrage the victims she ripped off

  • Melissa Caddick mystery solved this week 
  • New footage shows her at festival during her $30million con 

New video has emerged of notorious fraudster Melissa Caddick enjoying the high life courtesy of the millions of dollars she stole from her victims.

The footage shows a beaming Caddick and husband Anthony Koletti relaxing on outdoor lounge chairs at a festival as Mr Koletti snaps a selfie.

The couple can be seen joking and laughing in footage that would no doubt infuriate those whose savings accounts she emptied in her elaborate financial advisor con. 

In the footage obtained by 60 Minutes and included in a promo for its program on Sunday night, Caddick then orders drinks at the bar wearing expensive designer sunglasses and happily chats to bar staff.

But soon after, her Ponzi scheme came crashing down when her multi-million dollar Dover Heights mansion was raided by Australian Securities and Investment Commission officers on November 11, 2020. 

The following day she left the house early to go for a run and was never seen again, sparking an enduring mystery.

New footage shows Melissa Caddick, Anthony Koletti and another man enjoying a festival in the lead up to the ASIC raid on her Dover Heights property

The trio joke and laugh in new footage unearthed as part of a 60 Minutes story this Sunday night

Wild theories emerged about whether the fraudster had gone into hiding or taken off overseas after amputating her own foot – which was found in an ASICS shoe washed up on a NSW south coast beach in February, 2021.

There was also speculation she could have jumped from cliffs near her Dover Heights home.

After two-and-a-half years, NSW coroner Elizabeth Ryan on Thursday announced that Caddick was dead.

Magistrate Ryan said she had accepted Caddick had died but said she wasn’t able to determine exactly when or how.

‘The conclusion I have reached is that Melissa Caddick is deceased. However for reasons which will be explained, I do not consider the evidence enables a positive finding as to how she died, or when and where this happened,’ she said.

Police had suspected Caddick had taken her own life by jumping off the cliff at Rodney Reserve, approximately 500m from her home, on the morning of November 12, 2020.

The inquest had heard from forensic psychiatrist Dr Kerri Eagle who established Ms Caddick may have had narcissistic personality disorder. She noted sufferers of this condition may be at risk of taking their own life if they suffered something that brought deep shame onto them. 

Caddick can also be seen calmly chatting with bar staff at the height of her $30million Ponzi scheme con

Ms Caddick's husband Anthony Koletti (pictured together) did not report his wife missing until he contacted Rose Bay Police Station at 11.45am on November 13 - a full 30 hours after she was last seen

But Magistrate Ryan said while she accepted Caddick could have regarded suicide as ‘her only escape from the personal and professional catastrophe’, there was insufficient evidence to prove she had.

‘I do not accept that the evidence is capable of establishing suicide as the manner of Ms Caddick’s death,’ she said.

The magistrate added there were no reports of someone seeing Caddick on the cliff, or any CCTV of her being in the area.

Magistrate Ryan took several shots at Caddick’s hairdresser husband Anthony Koletti while delivering her findings on Thursday.

She explained that Mr Koletti had given numerous accounts of what happened in the days after his wife’s disappearance.

‘I have formed the opinion that it is likely that on 13 November, 2020 Mr Koletti had some awareness of Ms Caddick’s movements over the previous two days, but chose not to disclose it,’ she said.

‘I accept that Mr Koletti’s inherent unreliability imposed upon the investigating police a significant burden.’ 

Mr Koletti had reported his wife missing on November 13, some 30 hours after she is believed to have been last seen.