New Nintendo Switch Starlight Stations Distributed to Hospitals – Siliconera

Some of the new Nintendo Switch Starlight Gaming Stations are already being shipped to locations in health care facilities and hospitals across the United States. These portable gaming stations are the result of a collaboration between the Starlight organization and Nintendo of America. Starlight is a charity organization for children. Its mission is to deliver “happiness to seriously ill kids.” [Thanks, Go Nintendo!]

Starlight Gaming Stations are designed in adherence with infection safety protocols, and the newest Starlight Nintendo Switch line will feature over twenty-five pre-loaded games from a range of genres. According their website, Starlight will also “explore options for the gaming unit to become handheld.”

Starlight’s Gaming Stations, in general, are nothing new, and they have been manufactured in collaboration with Nintendo of America for over twenty-eight years. To date, Starlight and Nintendo have distributed a total of 7,200 gaming stations across 800 locations.

Donations to Starlight facilitate game time for sick children but can also go toward providing patience with “comfy and colorful” hospital wear. Another charity, called Extra Life, has a similar goal as Starlight and also distributes games to children’s hospitals. People looking to make a donation can do so in a variety of ways through Extra Life. For example, they can sign up to raise money by streaming games. They can also participate by watching streams, promoting other streams, raising awareness, or through direct donations.


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