New Xbox Series X appears to have leaked — and it comes with a key improvement and a refreshed look

When I first clocked my peepers on Microsoft’s new “Adorably All Digital” Xbox Series X last year, I shrugged my shoulders. While I initially appreciated the updated cylindrical design, I was mostly apathetic. I barely use my current Series X, though I still think the original aesthetic is a lot less offensive on the eye compared to the PS5 or PS5 Slim. I also barely use the Blu-ray disc drive on my OG 2020 launch model. But now there’s apparently a new Xbox in town, and in contradictory fashion, it seems to be making both progressive and regressive steps. 

The rejigged Xbox Series X has been going by the moniker of “Brooklin” ever since all of those leaks sprung from Microsoft’s infamous acquisition of Activision/Blizzard—although The Big M originally prepped to reveal the console alongside an updated Xbox Series S (codenamed “Ellewood”) this summer. Perhaps that’s why plans have now changed. According to the latest scuttlebutt, the new all-digital console looks a lot different now. 

As with all rumors, take the following with as many grains of salt as you can lay your mitts upon, but eXputer is now reporting the all-digital new Xbox Series X has undergone a significant design switch-up. According to the site’s sources, it has received exclusive images of Microsoft’s new high-end console. The big takeaway? It’s now white and sports essentially the exact same squared-edged design as the original Series X, while continuing to go the disc drive-free route  

New Xbox Series X upgrades 

Xbox Series X - Starfield cover

I’ve already got a white Xbox Series X thanks to the official wrap-around Starfield cover. And I don’t even like Starfield! (Image credit: Future)

If you’re hoping this is going to be a beefier box, temper those expectations. Barring the color change, this appears to be the exact same machine that launched almost four years ago. Ports seem to be exactly the same as those on the current 4K console, so there’s nothing to get overly excited about on that front. 

If eXputer’s sources are correct, one key change to the refreshed Series X is the presence of a new heatsink. In layman’s terms, this is a fairly boring yet still important component that helps with overall console cooling. 

In terms of costs, the site also speculates that the updated Xbox Series X will retail for less than the $499 Microsoft charges for its top-tier console in the States. 

The notion of a Series X that won’t let me watch the most unexpectedly best-looking Blu-ray my eyes have ever clocked isn’t exactly a thrilling prospect. Especially when you consider CEO of Microsoft Gaming Phil Spencer recently revealed that his team is working on a Gen 10 machine — so an actual new Xbox — that promises “the largest technical leap” ever between console generations.

I’m somewhat spectacle about that claim when you consider just how mighty a hardware jump the PS2 offered over the PS1. Still, considering Microsoft is getting bodied by the PS5 in terms of sales during this current console war, I don’t blame Spencer for trying to gee up much-needed excitement for the future of Xbox.

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