Newsmax VP accused of sexual harassment by at least two staffers

  • Executive Chris Knowles has been accused by women of sexual harassment
  • Staffers allege his behavior is treated like an ‘open secret’ around the network
  • Newsmax denies any allegations against the Vice President of Programming

Newsmax Vice President of Programming Chris Knowles has been accused of sexual harassments by multiple women, according to a new bombshell report.

Several staffers told Mediaite they have witnessed the father-of-two sexually harass employees, alleging it is a ‘open secret’ around the network that he is known to ‘prey on’ female colleagues. 

‘Knowles is known to prey on the youngest female staffers, even those who report directly to him,’ said a Newsmax producer.

One employee told the outlet she was a victim of his harassment and two others claimed they had personally witness the behavior from Knowles.

‘As a female staffer I have been harassed by Knowles. This doesn’t surprise me at all,’ said a Newsmax employee. 

‘It’s a man’s club. They’ve known for a long time about this guy. It hasn’t stopped him from doing what he does to the new girls.’ 

Newsmax Vice President of Programming Chris Knowles has been accused of sexual harassments by multiple women with some staffers claiming Knowles, who is married (wife Anastasia Trainor Knowles pictured), had a consensual affair with a female employee

Newsmax employees claim they have witnessed Knowles sexually harass other workers

Knowles started at Newsmax in 2019 as an executive producer and was promoted to his current role as vice president of programming in 2022, according to his LinkedIn profile.

The network describes itself as ‘an independent news network with a conservative perspective.’

An Indeed estimate suggests the yearly salary for a vice president position at Newsmax is approximately $203,492 based on three employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on the website

He previously worked as an executive producer at Regional News Network and WPIX-TV. 

The executive also worked in various positions from meteorologist, producer and reporter at Fox News, WPIX-TV, CNN and The Blaze earlier in his career.

Knowles (right) with his wife. Staffers claimed Knowles had a consensual affair with a female employee

Newsmax denies any allegations against the Vice President of Programming

Sources told Mediaite some instances of Knowles alleged harassment include circulating photos of a female subordinate’s cleavage around the office without her knowledge and one time he asked another woman to remove her leather skirt.

Four sources said to the outlet that he was told to correct his behavior but has faced no repercussions. 

Other staffers claimed Knowles, who is married to wife Anastasia Trainor Knowles, had a consensual affair with a female employee.

A Newsmax producer said, ‘Knowles isn’t very good at hiding his tracks. I

”ve seen him numerous times at the regular bars after late night news events getting close and physical with female staffers.

‘It’s not new. It’s been going on for a very long time. Just the girls change when they leave. Christopher Knowles remains the constant.’

Knowles alleged circulated photos of a female subordinate's cleavage around the office without her knowledge

Newsmax has denied any claims of sexual harassment by the vice president of programming.

However, one producer said, ‘I know for a fact that there have been several HR claims against Knowles for sexual harassment issues. I am shocked they claim otherwise.’

A network spokesperson said: ‘Newsmax has never had a single complaint about Mr. Knowles having sexually inappropriate activity with any staffer, either formally or informally. And based upon our knowledge, we don’t believe any comments you claim he made constitute sexual harassment.’


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