Nina Rismondo: woman shares list of 92 reasons she doesn’t want kids

Young businesswoman shares extensive list of the 92 reasons why she doesn’t want kids: ‘I like having fun’

  • A young Aussie woman has been keeping a list of all the reasons not to have kids
  • The list has grown to 92 reasons and some of the reasons shocked her followers
  • The reasons range from poo explosions to laser removed hair growing back

A young Australian businesswoman has been keeping a list of all the reasons she doesn’t want to give birth, and it’s already climbed to 92 points. 

Nina Rismondo, who owns Still NKD exfoliating glove band, started the list as a joke to explain to people why she doesn’t want kids when they ask.

However the more she learns about having children, the more serious it has become.

The South Australian woman listed everything from no free time and poo explosions to the fact that the hair she has had laser removal treatment for will return.

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Young business owner Nina Rismondo (pictured) shared her list of the 92 reasons she does not want to have kids

Young business owner Nina Rismondo (pictured) shared her list of the 92 reasons she does not want to have kids

‘I originally started this just for when people ask me why I don’t want kids I can just show them my list, it’s a bit of a joke,’ Ms Rismondo said.

She often shares videos of frightening side effects of giving birth that inspire her to add another reason to her list.

The latest inspiration was a woman saying ‘did you now you can rip your clit while giving birth?’

‘Ahm that’s getting added to the list now, that’s getting added,’ the woman quickly said in response.

Nina’s full list of reasons she doesn’t want kids 

1. Uni hole

2. They become a small version of you

3. No free time

4. No spare disposable cash

5. Terrible 2’s 3’s 4’s so on

6. Post birth face rash

7. Loose skin on breasts

8. Hearing cries everyday

9. Scars from C section

10. Wearing an adult diaper after vaginal birth

11. Sh*t yourself during birth

12. Have to birth the placenta

13. Boobs get massive then deflate

14. Mucus plug wtf that is

15. They shush you / attitude

16. Cracked bleeding nipples

17. You can get rashes on your body

18. Gain weight

19. Stretch marks / loose skin

20. You can swell / retain water

21. Preeclampsia

22. UTI after birth

23. Morning sickness

24. Placenta previa (bleed at the time)

25. Pregnancy diabetes

26. Pressure on hips / pelvis

27. Never gonna have a normal bladder

28. Frequent urination

29. Can’t eat certain things

30. The pregnant lady waddle

31. Acne breakouts

32. Hair loss

33. Hemorrhoids

34. Baby poops inside you

35. Have an uncontrollable bladder

36. Their foot can get stuck in your ribs

37. No alcohol, smoking or drugs

38. Constant acid reflux

39. People rubbing your belly

40. Pregnancy insomnia

41. Contractions – no thank you

42. Hours of labour

43. At least 10 strangers staring at my vagina

44. Child can choke on its own poop inside

45. You could lose your uterus (uterus prolapse)

46. Can get infection from c section

47. No sex for minimum six weeks

48. Your pelvis might crack from giving birth

49. Postpartum depression

50. All hair I’ve lasered comes back

51. Waking up throughout the night

52. Changing a poo diaper

53. Poo explosions

54. Crying and whinging from baby

55. Crying and whinging from me

56. Can lose teeth during birth

57. Lactating when I’m not even pregnant

58. Lactating when another baby that’s not mine cries

59. Can rip clitoris while giving birth

60. Would have to give up FIFO / career

61. Permanent renal failure

62. Can’t sneeze years later without pissing self

63. Can get collapsed arches in feet

64. After c section all your organs wiggle back into place

65. Lose sex drive

66. Husband stitch

67. Lack of communication / say during pregnancy

68. Heartburn!

69. Messes with the foundation of any marriage or partner

70. Chance of being bedridden for months

71. Vagina can turn green or blue

72. Your nipple stretches and looks like a chode

73. Can temporarily get worse eyesight

74. Can permanently get worse eyesight

75. Anal fissures

76. Have a dependent human for the rest of my life

77. Adult diaper after c section

78. Risk of hyperemesis gravidarum

79. They’re expensive

80. Possibility of multiple births

81. Chances of getting carpel tunnel

82. They’ll cry on a plane and I like travelling

83. They nurse all the time

84. Struggle to breathe while pregnant

85. Can get bruised lungs

86. Hormones after birth can make you reek

87. They’re expensive

88. You have to raise it

89. You’ll have to look after the babies future kids

90. They’ll want money from you

91. Have to pay for they’re life / schooling

92. Possibly get a bigger car or house

 (Source: Nina Rismondo)


The business owner took to TikTok to further describe some of her reasoning.

‘I don’t want one hole, I want two separate holes, I don’t want them to be split and I don’t want stitches. Simple,’ she said giving her reasons against number one, the ‘uni hole.’

Her 37th reason was no alcohol, smoking or drugs: ‘I like having fun, I’m not getting FOMO,’  she said, explaining that she doesn’t want to be sitting drinking water whilst her husband has fun.

Another one of her reasons was that she doesn’t want ‘ten strangers’ looking at her vagina.

‘Unless you’re paying me on Only Fans to look at my vagina, I don’t want you looking at my vagina. I especially don’t want like five people down there when my legs are spread and my baby’s trying to come out. No thank you.’

Her followers were quick to comment on her list.

’10/10 would listen to the list and each in-depth explain action on a podcast I have to pay for,’ one woman said.

However others pointed out that these are only possibilities.

‘Interesting list, many of these are may occur… the number one reason and only reason should be “because that’s my choice” with no explanation,’ one woman commented.


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