Nine show Lego Masters rocked by sexual harassment scandal

  • Nine’s Lego Masters hit with sexual harassment scandal
  • Senior producer accused of touching a female colleague

A senior producer from Channel Nine’s hit TV show Lego Masters is at the centre of sexual harassment claims brought forward by a Lego sorter.

The associate producer has been accused of repeatedly touching a female colleague, showing her a music video of him simulating sex with a box of cask wine and repeatedly inviting her up to his hotel room, The Australian reports.

A woman who worked on the show as a Lego Sorter made the accusations and claimed she was denied a safe workplace and treated unfairly due to her being a woman.

She is suing the man and production company Endemol Shine, who also produce other reality shows such as The Bachelor and Masterchef, for $150,000.

She claimed the producer would often brag about his sexual exploits with other female colleagues who worked on Lego Masters, according to court documents. 

A senior producer from Channel's hit TV show Lego Masters has been accused of repeatedly touching a female colleague, showing her a music video of him simulating sex with a box of cask wine and repeatedly inviting her up to his hotel room

The producer has been accused of using his senior position to make female Lego Sorters feel like they owed him for their employment.

In one instance in January 2020, he told his accuser about a time he had a sexual encounter with a Lego Sorter when she ‘used to be skinny’.

Another instance in March of that same year, he allegedly texted her saying she was the ‘main babe’ while the other Lego Sorters were ‘babes’.

In August 2021, Lego Masters moved production for its fourth season from Melbourne to Sydney due to Covid border restrictions and was filmed at Fox Studios.

The alleged victim relocated to Sydney from Melbourne to continue working on the show and lived in a hostel.

She was invited by the producer to his hotel room, which Endemol Shine was paying for, so she could do her washing as her hostel didn’t have washing machines.

While she was doing her washing, the producer  allegedly came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

In September, she claimed he asked her to move in with him. She declined. 

A woman who worked as a Lego Sorter on the Channel Nine program made the accusations

The alleged victim accused the producer of making constant unwanted advances, touching her and asking personal questions during the three seasons she worked on Lego Masters.

He asked her if she used dating apps, if she had been married before and if she would date younger men – as she was older than him.

She made six complaints about him over the course of her employment on the Channel Nine program.

He was allegedly advised to work in a professional matter and not to speak to others about the complaints against him.

No disciplinary action was taken and he has not been charged.

The woman was then not offered casual work on the set of Lego Masters for its fifth season.


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