Nintendo Switch 2 First Feature Confirmed

The first Nintendo Switch 2 feature has been confirmed by Nintendo. This week, Nintendo formally recognized the existence of its next console, and even hinted when it will be revealed. What it didn’t do is call it the “Nintendo Switch 2,” which is a moniker that has been stamped on the next Nintendo console because it’s been rumored to be a straight successor of the Nintendo Switch, something Nintendo also confirmed this week. The name, the release date, the reveal date, the specs, the games, whether it will be backward compatible or not, all of this is unknown. There’s been rumors about all of this, but only rumors. Nintendo has confirmed the first feature of the console though. 

During the same investors call where everything above was confirmed and teased, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa confirmed that the next console will continue to make use of the Nintendo Account system that is used by the current Switch model and Nintendo’s mobile games. Whether this hints at backward compatibility, remains to be seen, but this is an important, albeit unsurprising, confirmation. 

And this is all we know about the next Nintendo console, in an official capacity. There are plenty of rumors about it, but sifting through what rumors are true and what are bollocks is no easy task. That said, so far, it sounds like the Nintendo Switch 2 — or whatever it ends up being called — will just be a Nintendo Switch with more power and some improvements. However, there are no sure bets with Nintendo. It almost always has something up its sleeve, though sometimes this something is nothing more than a gimmick. 

Right now, the only window Nintendo has provided for the reveal of the console is sometime before the end of its fiscal year, which is to say sometime before the end of March 2025. To this end, it will probably be sometime during this holiday season or early 2025, depending on how deep into 2025 the console is planned to release. 

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