NSYNC band together to recreate an iconic photo from early days

NSYNC band together to hilariously recreate an iconic photo from early days… as they prepare to release their first new song in more than 20 years

Justin Timberlake and his NSYNC pals took a walk down memory lane Tuesday.

 The singers who reunited for the first time in a decade at the 2023 Video Music Awards, got together again.

This time, they gathered to recreate one of the most iconic photos from days as members of the popular boy band for a video on the group’s Instagram page. 

Rather than wearing T-shirts and jeans, the group members were decidedly more high fashion in their clothing choices. 

Justin, 42, took center stage wearing a camel toned two-piece suit with a boxy jacket and slacks. 

Together again: NSYNC thrilled many of their fans when they posted a video Tuesday as the recreated an iconic photo from their early days as a boy band

Together again:Justin Timberlake, 42, JC Chasez, 47, Lance Bass, 44, Chris Kirkpatrick, 51, and Joey Fatone, 46 tried to hit their marks just they way they did some 20 years ago

Chris Kirkpatrick, 51, looked relaxed in a cream toned jacket and beige pants. 

He still sported the goatee that set him apart from their other members of the group in their younger days. 

Joey Fatone, 46, completed the back row wearing all black. 

His salt and pepper hair and beard were closely trimmed. 

In the front row, Lance Bass, 44, looked dapper in a milk chocolate toned leather suit. 

His hair was dyed a silvery shade of purple. 

JC Chasez, 47, completed the re-enactment wearing a black suit with a low cut white T-shirt.

His shoulder length hair was styled in loose curls and he sported a beard and mustache as well as black rimmed glasses. 

VMAs:  The former boy band appeared together, professionally, for the first time in some two decades at the MTV Video Music Awards earlier this month in Newark, NJ

New song: The band's first song in more than 20 years, Better Place, will be included in the animated Trolls Band Together. A few bars can be heard at the end of the movie's trailer

Release date:  The single Better Place will be released September 29.  Trolls Band Together is set to open in theaters November 17

Fans rejoiced when it was revealed the group would come together for their first song in some two decades for the upcoming Trolls Band Together. 

A few bars of their new tune, Better Place’ can be heard at the end of the trailer for the animated adventure.

Justin, who provides the voice for Branch, revealed on Instagram the song would be released September 29. Trolls opens in theaters November 17. 

The new song and the VMA appearance have some fans hopeful this is the beginning of a new era for the hitmakers.

‘Y’all goin on tour so I can practice my bye bye bye routine or nah?’ queried one.

‘Stop playing with our emotions and announce something already,’ begged another. 


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