NYC bakes as heatwave hits tri-state area

New Yorkers bake as first heatwave of the year hits tri-state area – with temperatures soaring past 90F and set to stay sweaty all week

  • The city is experiencing its first heatwave of the summer 
  • Experts say it has been a relatively cool summer in New York with temperatures hitting 90 or above just eight times prior to this month 
  • According to the National Weather Service, September has averaged at least one 90 degree day going back to 1869 

New York City is has been hit by a sweltering post-Labor Day heatwave – with temperatures soaring into the mid-90s as residents plod back to work following the holiday weekend that ends summer.

On Wednesday, the thermostat was forecast to a high of 93 degrees in Central Park, with humidity making it feel even hotter.

The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory as it became clear that Thursday’s temperatures would also top 91 degrees.

The three-day stretch of incredible heat that began Tuesday is the city’s first official heatwave of 2023, according to experts – who say it is out of the ordinary for such heat to arrive so late in the season.

The heatwave bookends a city summer that has been cooler than usual for most the season, according Bloomberg

Some New Yorkers are embracing the late in the season heat wave. Here, a man committed to his tan sunbathes with a reflector in Washington Square Park

Sunbathers in Hudson River Park in Manhattan soak up the last bits of unimpeded sun before office work resumes and autumn peaks around the corner

The 90 degree-plus heat compounded with humidity has made trekking around midtown Manhattan an especially unpleasant prospect

At no point during the month of August did New York hit 90 degrees or higher. Prior to this, there were just eight days when the temperature hit 90 degrees.

According to data from the National Weather Service records, the month of September has averaged at least one 90 degree or above day since 1869.

Most of the intense heat in the US was concentrated in the central and Southwest this year, where temperature records were consistently broken.

The east coast of the US is currently experiencing the late summer heatwave from New England down to Northern Virginia.

Scorching heat is expected in Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia over the next few days, while temperatures in Washington, DC are slated to hit 100 degrees on Wednesday. 

While some New Yorkers are sweating it out on their morning commutes, counting the steps until they make it to their air-conditioned offices, others are embracing the final moments of unimpeded sunshine before autumn arrives.

Students returning to classes will be, in some cases, heading back to stuffy classrooms. Several school districts announced early dismissal times for students this week because of the heat. 

The heatwave began in New York on Tuesday, just as everyone was slated to return to the office after Labor Day - often referred to as the official end of summer

Small electric fans have become ubiquitous in New York this summer as residents battle humidity daily

Coney Island beach dwellers are taking advantage of the less-crowded-than-usual beach

Also in Coney Island, a worker delivers bags and bags of ice to a convenience store during the heatwave

New Yorkers mop their brows as they commute between the air conditioning at home and the air conditioning in the office

The heat is also beating down on Arthur Ashe stadium in Queens, where the US Open is being played.

On Tuesday, event organizers made the call to partially close the roof of the stadium to offer some extra shade for spectators.

Novak Djokovic said the extremely humid conditions on Tuesday made it ‘very difficult to play.’

‘It’s why we train, try to get ourselves in the best possible conditions to deliver. Not easy, but you’ve got to fight,’ he added.

Commuters rest on subway cars as they take temporary respite from the intense heat that plagues most subway stations

Some New Yorkers sit on benches near a Hudson Yards-area screening of the US Open, which is being played in the intense heat in Queens

People cool off by the water at Coney Island on September 06, 2023 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City

A dog owner finds a way for her fluffy pet to cool off on a walk in Williamsburg

Last sites of summer include ice peddlers roaming the beach selling their wares to the burning beach-dwellers

Con Edison said its crews have prepared to respond to potential power outages and the company has asked New Yorkers to limit the use of large appliances. 

With the heat expected to be extremely intense through Thursday, city cooling centers have opened for those without some degree of access to air conditioning. 


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