OpenAI won’t launch a Google Search competitor or GPT-5 in the next few days, but we should expect new projects that “feel like magic” to CEO Sam Altman

What you need to know

  • OpenAI won’t unveil GPT-5 or its rumored search engine during its event on Monday.
  • Instead, the company will showcase ChatGPT demos and announce new updates for its GPT-4 model. 
  • Sam Altman says the team has been working on new projects, which he believes its users will love. 

Rumors flooding the internet for the better part of this week indicated that OpenAI is gearing up to unveil a ChatGPT-powered search engine that will compete with Google and Bing in the search landscape. 

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently announced the company won’t unveil the long-anticipated search engine or release its GPT-5 model during Monday’s event. However, he mentioned the OpenAI team has been working on new projects. “We think people will love! feels like magic to me,” the CEO added.

To this end, it remains unclear what OpenAI’s event will entail. But going by the description for the live stream event slated to start at 10 AM PT Monday 13, May 2024, the company will announce new updates for GPT-4 and demos for ChatGPT. 

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is on an upward trajectory

ChatGPT on a Google Pixel 7 Pro

(Image credit: Ben Wilson | Windows Central)

While we’ll have to wait a little longer for OpenAI’s GPT-5 model, which is expected to be smarter than the “mildly embarrassing at best” GPT-4, ChatGPT will potentially get a new update designed to improve its overall performance. 

Elsewhere, a new report indicated OpenAI has been actively poaching Google staffers to help develop its new search engine. As such, there’s a possibility the ChatGPT-maker is still on the hunt, which potentially explains the delay in launching the AI-supercharged search engine. 

In the past few months, top executives at OpenAI have made bold statements, including company CEO Sam Altman, who promised “with a high degree of scientific certainty” that GPT-4 is “the dumbest model any of you will ever have to use again by a lot.” 

Interestingly, a top OpenAI executive recently corroborated this theory, indicating today’s ChatGPT will seem “laughably bad” within the next 12 months. As such, the AI-powered chatbot may be about to get a major upgrade.

We’ll keep tabs on this topic and keep you posted with new developments.

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