PALACE CONFIDENTIAL: Meghan made Prince Harry seem ‘like a spare part’

Meghan Markle was ‘keen to show her support as Prince Harry’s cheerleader’ at the Invictus Games this week – but instead she made her husband seem ‘like a spare part’, royals experts have claimed. 

The Duchess of Sussex, 42, reunited with the Duke, who turns 39 today, at a glitzy hotel party for the competition on Tuesday, in Dusseldorf, Germany.

But the prince, who founded the games in 2014, was left taking a back seat as Meghan spoke of her parenting duties and praised competitors in an ‘off the cuff’ speech made in front of hundreds of military veterans.

Meghan’s impromptu address left Harry looking like ‘a spare part’, according to The Daily Mail’s Royal Editor Rebecca English, who claimed that the move wouldn’t have happened if they were still members of the Royal Family.

‘I do see the rationale behind Meghan accompanying him – you often see William accompanying Kate on things that she’s leading on, and vice versa,’ she told Palace Confidential. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex put on an extraordinary red carpet-style display of flirting and affection at the Invictus Games yesterday

‘I did find it a little strange that Meghan gave a speech at one of these events, I know it was a bit off the cuff, but you certainly wouldn’t see that in the Royal Family. 

‘If it was someone’s baby, the partner would always let the other person take the lead and shine. Harry did see a little bit like a spare part on the stage there.’

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail’s Diary Editor Richard Eden said Meghan ‘was keen to show her support to Harry as his cheerleader really.’

Prince Harry turns 39 today and partied with Meghan in a traditional German bar last night where he washed down bratwurst sausage and wiener schnitzel with six beers, MailOnline can reveal.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex enjoyed a night out in Dusseldorf with friends as the Invictus Games draws to a close.

Bar staff said the royals were ‘lovely’ and left a ‘big tip’ as they enjoyed plates piled high with red cabbage and mashed potato. While Harry celebrated with six half-pints, his wife stuck to just one small drink.

Diners at the Im Goldenen Kessel restaurant and bar were asked not to take pictures but said they saw him laughing and joking as the food arrived at his table. He also looked thrilled when a birthday cake arrived at the end of the meal.

He and Meghan happily posed for photographs with the owner of the restaurant Thea Ungermann and head waiter Frank Wackers who has worked at the restaurant for 38 years and happily shared images with MailOnline. Thea said: ‘He was a lovely man and was having a very jolly time. Meghan was lovely.’

Meghan¿s impromptu address left Harry looking like ¿a spare part¿, according to The Daily Mail¿s Royal Editor Rebecca English (pictured), who claimed that the move wouldn¿t have happened if they were still members of the Royal Family

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex celebrated Harry's 39th birthday in a German beer house. Pictured: The Sussex's with the owner of the restaurant Thea Ungermann and head waiter Frank Wackers

The couple were seen laughing as they cozied up to each other during the volleyball match earlier yesterday

Prince Harry tucked into plates of bratwurst sausage, red cabbage and mashed potato at the restaurant (pictured)

Harry and his party took up two tables and were served their food and beer by head waiter Frank Wackers (pictured with owner of the restaurant Thea Ungermann), who has worked at the restaurant for 38 years

Staff at the restaurant said Meghan had one small beer. They were so thrilled to have Harry and Meghan that they shared photos with each other of the couple posing up. Pictured are diners at the restaurant

Harry was served six small beers ¿ about half a pint rather than the litre sized beers most German breweries serve, staff have said. Pictured: The interior of Im Goldenen Kessel

Pictured: The street where Im Goldenen Kessel is located

Meghan stuck with the white skinny jeans she opted for to watch the sitting volleyball match yesterday. She paired it with a red and white pinstriped shirt and nude ballet pumps. Meanwhile Harry chose dark jeans and a grey top. 

During his meal, Harry was presented with a birthday cake by staff at the restaurant, based in the old town of the city of Dusseldorf.

He and his party took up two tables and were served their food and beer by Mr Wackers, who has worked at the restaurant, which is part of the Schumacher brewery, for 38 years.

Mr Wackers told MailOnline Harry was served six small beers – about half a pint rather than the litre sized beers most German breweries serve.

He said Harry and his party were served Wiener Schnitzel, Pork knuckle, sausage and plates of roast and mashed potato.

Pictured above is the menu for Im Goldenen Kessel, where Harry celebrated his birthday

Earlier on in the day, the Duke and Duchess attended the volleyball match at the Invictus Games

The pair delighted fans, taking selfies with them, hugging them and chatting with them ahead of the match

Mr Wackers said: ‘They were very happy. He is a lovely man, and they were so nice.’

Staff at the restaurant said that Meghan had one small beer. 

Diners largely left the party alone but were allowed to take photographs.

Mr Wackers joked that Harry’s bodyguard asked what was the beer like and when he told him was awful.

‘He said that he would kill me if the beer was bad, but I know he was joking.’

Aides and staff sang Happy Birthday as the restaurant presented Harry a white chocolate cake.  

After tucking in, the party then walked back to their waiting cars along cobbled streets in the Old Town, or Altstadt area of the city. 

The animated couple were seen cheering on the teams as they stood with crowds watching the Ukraine vs Nigeria match

The beaming Duchess took selfies with others in the crowd at the Mekur Spiel-Arena in Dusseldorf

Meghan hugs a Nigerian support while at the preliminary round of the mixed volleyball games

The couple laughed, while Meghan waved a Nigerian flag, as they took selfies with others within the crowd

Meghan appeared amused as Harry chatted to her during the tense game

Harry places his hand on Meghan's arm yesterday as the pair interact with fans at the Ukraine v Nigeria volleyball match

The smiling Duchess of Sussex puts her arm around he husband Prince Harry at yesterday's games

Harry and Meghan smile for the camera as a fan takes a selfie

Harry was so happy to be at yesterday's festivities that he even performed a dance from the stands

Harry is seen dancing in the crowd as Meghan interacts with adoring fans

The source close to the Prince said: ‘They drank local beer and ate family style dishes to experience a true German meal. Everyone was incredibly friendly, especially the waiters pictured in the photograph online.

‘They did not dine in a private space and were in joyful spirits, toasting and laughing with the team.

After dinner the group headed back to the hotel to sing happy birthday and eat cake just shy of midnight!’

The owner of the restaurant said Harry picked up the bill and left a big tip for the staff.

The restaurant is attached to the Schumacher brewery, one of two popular venues in the Dusseldorf.

Crowds flocked around the Duke and Duchess as they headed to the arena to watching the volleyball and table tennis games yesterday

The couple appeared on the edge of their seats as they watched the game yesterday afternoon

Meghan looked glamorous as she arrived in white skinny jeans with a white Ralph Lauren sweater vest. Harry opted for a pair of black jeans paired with a denim blue shirt

One fan shared a selfie of her and Meghan on X, formally known as Twitter. She wrote: 'Our Princess is in the house to watch her village people play Ukraine'

Earlier this week, the couple were seen watching the wheelchair basketball final at the Invictus Games in Germany

The couple were reunited on Wednesday, where Meghan gave a speech to a crowd of participants

During the speech, Meghan apologised for being late to the games adding that she had to take her eldest Archie, four, to school. Pictured: The pair were reunited on Wednesday

Yesterday Prince Harry spoke with those who were attending his charity's huge annual event

Meghan Markle opted for another muted outfit yesterday as she sported a brown silky shirt and trousers to join Prince Harry at the Invictus Games

The Wiener Schnitzel is one the menu for 30 euros while the Bratwurst is £14.50 a portion.

The restaurant does not have menus in English but fortunately staff, in particular owner Thea Ungermann, speaks fluent English. Her head waiter also speaks very good English and was able to take the Harry and Meghan orders down without need for translation into German.

Harry and his party had driven from their hotel in the Media Harbour of the city and were dropped off by a pedestrian area.

They walked the 50 yards to the restaurant past other bars before occupying two tables in a raised section of the restaurant which is next door to a McDonalds.

The party drank the locally brewed beer called Alt Schumacher which is also served at the Merkur Spiel-Arena where the Invictus Games are held.

While she has opted for inexpensive high street looks in her last few appearance, the Duchess went high end yesterday - and paired the look with £165 oversized Miu Miu sunglasses

Meghan wowed in the all brown ensemble as she headed out

The mother-of-two, 42, opted for a monochrome ensemble with two-tones of brown, while wearing $1,490 wide-leg silk trousers from Gabriel Hearst, which she previously sported to the One Young World roundtable in 2022

She paired the look with £165 oversized Miu Miu sunglasses and a £365 Dani Blouse from French designer L'agence

Adding even more glamour to the look, the royal wore Princess Diana 's £17,800 Cartier watch and but swapped out her $62,000 Lorraine Schwartz pinky ring made with 'diamonds gifted from the Middle East' for a $2,800 1972 tennis pinky ring from Shiffon and Co

She added her £5,000 Cartier love bracelet to the look as she walked hand-in-hand with Prince Harry

Restaurant owner Thea said: ‘The couple were very relaxed, they drank our beer, Schumacher Alt – it’s the same beer they are serving at the Invictus Games.

‘Harry and Meghan sat next to each other during the meal. I had goosebumps when they walked into the restaurant, I had watched his speech on the stage at the Invictus Games and couldn’t believe he was in my restaurant. Prince Harry was so lovely and gave me a hug.’

The restaurant posted the group photo Harry and Meghan posing with staff on their social media.

Harry is thought to have had an early 39th party as he will be busy with events at the games on Friday.


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