Patrick J. Adams changes his Instagram bio to reference Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle’s former Suits co-star Patrick J. Adams has changed his Instagram bio to reference the royal.

The Toronto-born actor, 42, who played Meghan’s on-screen husband in the legal drama from 2011 to 2019, described himself as: ‘the guy from that show you’re watching on that app because that girl married that prince’.

Suits tells the tale of Mike Ross (played by Adams) as a plucky law school drop out who cons his law into a prestigious law firm and falls in love with beautiful paralegal Rachel Zane (played by Markle).

Despite finishing in 2019, the show has seen a surge in viewers on screening platforms in recent months.

 After launching on Netflix earlier this year, the series set a viewing time record for an acquired series in the week of June 26-July 2, with 3.14 billion minutes of watch time.

Meghan Markle's former Suits co-star Patrick J. Adams has changed his Instagram bio to reference the royal

The Toronto-born actor, 42, who played Meghan's on-screen husband in the legal drama from 2011 to 2019, described himself as: 'the guy from that show you're watching on that app because that girl married that prince'

Following her exit from the show Meghan remained friendly with a posee of her former co-stars attending her wedding to Prince Harry, including Gabriel Macht, Abigail Spencer, Sarah Rafferty, and Patrick.

Meghan is understood to have loved playing her stylish lawyer alter-ego, and felt like ‘a kid in a candy store’ when it came to picking out her outfits.

Celebrity costume designer Jolie Andreatta explained previously: ‘Meghan and I loved Rachel’s clothes. We’d always say that, if we could, we would live in Rachel’s clothes. Designing Rachel’s look was like being a kid in a candy store.’

When she stepped down from acting to join the Royal Family, Meghan insisted that rather than dwelling on the end of her career, she would commit herself to making a change in the world with her humanitarian work.

Meghan is pictured this week at Beyonce's Renaissance World Tour with Kelly Rowland and Kerry Washington

Patrick, who has spoken in defense of Meghan on several occasions, last year complained of being ‘pulled into’ debates surrounding his former co-star.

‘Hello to the people and many bots debating all things Markle and including me in the conversation. I just want you to know a couple of things. 1. I don’t read any of it. 2. Life is short. 3. There has to got to be better things for you to be doing. Even you, bots,’ he wrote.

Patrick has also previously described the monarchy as ‘toxic, archaic, and shameless’.

He said that his ‘powerful’ and ‘kind’ friend has been the subject of underhanded behavior on the part of the monarchy after reports were published that Meghan had ‘bullied’ several former staff members at Kensington Palace, claims she has strongly denied.

Patrick J Adams has hit out after being constantly 'pulled into' debates surrounding his former co-star Meghan Markle, seen together in hit legal drama Suits which they starred in together from 2011 to 2017

'I can¿t remember. It might have been the directing producer at the time, or her agent,' he said, when asked who told him that she couldn't say 'poppycock.' Meghan's seen in the show

Following her interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2022, he said: ‘She fell in love, moved to a new country, became a household name across the entire globe and began the difficult work of trying to find her place in a family dynamic that can at best be described as complicated and at worst, seemingly archaic and toxic,’ he wrote in the eight-tweet rant. 

At the time Buckingham Palace ‘brought in an external legal firm’ to carry out an investigation into the claims that Meghan bullied royal staff. 

Recently, the creator of the legal drama sensationally claiming that the royal family insisted the word ‘poppycock’ be removed from her script over fears that clips would be edited to make it sound as though the Duchess of Sussex had said something crude. 

Aaron Korsh, 56, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how things changed on set after Meghan started dating Prince Harry – as well as the bizarre demands he claims the monarchy made when it came to her lines. 

His claims echo those made by Harry, who alleged in his explosive memoir Spare that Suits writers had grown increasingly ‘frustrated’ with the ‘palace communications’ team ‘advising’ on changes to Meghan’s lines. 

According to showrunner Korsh, the royal family ‘weighed in on some stuff’ – including what the Duchess of Sussex’s character said in episodes filmed after she and Harry began dating – which he found ‘a little irritating.’

He said there was one particular word that he threw into the script as a tribute to his own in-laws – ‘poppycock,’ which is slang for nonsense – but claimed he was forced to change it after it was allegedly vetoed by the royals because it contained the term ‘c**k.’


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