People go wild for ‘bargain’ olive trees – but there’s a catch 

We snapped up a bargain £90 olive tree from Costco – but people have pointed out the massive catch

A couple renovating their first home have raved about a ‘bargain’ olive tree they snapped up from Costco – but green-fingered gardeners have pointed out the huge catch.

Katie Willis and Ryan Allan, from Durham, went viral on TikTok when they alerted their followers to the affordable garden plant.

The video – which has racked up almost 650,000 views – showed the couple exiting the wholesale shop with the large olive tree and putting it into their car.

They captioned the clip: ‘Bargain £90 olive trees!!! In @Costco Wholesale now. Run don’t walk!!!’

The pair looked ecstatic to be taking home their new purchase, as they are renovating their first home and mature olive trees can coast up to £1,000.

Ryan is pictured wheeling their new olive tree out of Costco - the pair, from Durham, are renovating their first home

The clip ends with them placing the tree in the garden and writing: ‘RUN TO COSTCO ASAP.’

However, gardening lovers have pointed out that maintaining an olive tree in the UK’s changeable climate can be tricky. 

The Royal Horticultural Society say that the trees thrive in a ‘warm, sunny and sheltered position’ – which contrasts with British weather conditions. 

But the plants can be planted in the soil in cool climates if you have a very sheltered town garden. 

The society advises that people bring their olive trees indoors in the colder seasons.  

Users took to the comments to speak about their experiences with olive trees. 

One TikToker wrote: ‘I bought two, five years ago, they’re still dead looking at the bottom of the garden.’

Another penned: ‘Nah. I read the care label and they need to come inside in winter. Can’t be dealing with the neediness.’ 

Katie Willis and Ryan Allan, who are from Durham, posted the video and captioned it: 'Bargain £90 olive trees!!! In @Costco Wholesale now. Run don't walk!!!'

They placed the 'bargain' olive tree in the garden of their first house, which they are renovating

TikTok users took to the comments to share their experiences of owning an olive tree, with some saying it didn't survive the cold weather

A third commented: ‘Mine died during the cold.’ 

A fourth said: ‘Olive trees will be fine outside in the south of the UK. Outs has been good for 3 years. Just be wary of the fungal issues and wolly aphids.’

Another wrote: ‘The roots literally destroy your house. Be careful on where you plant. We had to cut down two because it literally grew out of the neighbour’s garage.’

One user penned: ‘Got two for £50 each about four years ago and they look beautiful in my garden.’ 


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