Perfume expert reveals fragrances that last for more than 10 hours

  • Caroline Stern, based in Boston, has made a name for herself as a scent expert
  • She recently took to the TikTok to reveal which scents last the longest
  • The creator claimed these perfumes are ‘nuclear’ and wear for 10-plus hours

A perfume expert has revealed her top picks for fragrances that will last you multiple hours a day without wearing off, while making you smell like a ‘luxury hot girl’. 

Caroline Stern is a content creator who dubs herself as the ‘CEO of the niche luxury hot girls,’ and regularly shares all of her product recommendations and perfume wisdom with her social media followers. 

Recently, the fragrance lover used her expertise to make recommendations for the best long-lasting scents – after a fellow creator questioned why products aimed at men seem to last so much longer than women’s. 

Stern, who owns more than 220 bottles of perfume, offered her expertise on the scents that will last for upwards of 10 hours and smell ‘nuclear,’ beginning with one that the expert said was ‘one of the most beautiful’ fragrances. 

Caroline Stern revealed her top picks for the longest lasting perfumes that are 'nuclear'

She made her video in response to another creator who wondered why men's colognes last longer than women's

Super power scents! Caroline’s top picks for long-lasting fragrances 

  • Erba Pura by Xerjoff
  • Roses Vanille by Mancera
  • Dolce Diablo by Narcotica
  • Althaïr by Parfums de Marly
  • Tobacco Honey by Guerlain
  • Erba Gold by Xerjoff
  • Solar Society by Future Society


‘First up, we have an Italian fruit basket in a bottle,’ Stern said. 

‘This is Erba Pura from [the brand] Xerjoff, and it’s one of the most beautiful fragrances I’ve ever found in my entire life.

‘Think of the most expensive fruit salad you could possibly imagine, and then pair that with a vanilla, amber musky cloud of heaven, that’s what you got with Erba Pura.’

The content creator, whose background is in influencer marketing campaign execution and strategy, explained that the perfume, which went for $176 a bottle, was ‘technically unisex,’ but leaned a bit more feminine.

‘Oh my god, when I say this is nuclear, this lasts easily 12-plus hours, I think that when you wear this, you need to be aware of how much you’re spraying, because you will get looks, that’s how strong this is,’ she advised.

Speaking to, Stern said that not only did she own a large number of fragrances, but she had also tested about 600 perfumes. 

‘The main takeaway that I’ve found is that more “niche” fragrances seem to have longevity compared to more “commercial” brands,’ she explained, citing Dolce And Gabbana’s Light Blue as an example. 

‘But then you have these more niche fragrance brands which are actually moving into mainstream luxury due to their price points and the level of mastery that goes into creating them.’

Stern owns more than 220 perfumes, and has tested upwards of 600, she said

The first long-lasting perfume that Stern recommended was Erba Pura from Xerjoff

She also said that Roses Vanille from the brand Mancera was extremely potent

Stern further explained that many of the brands she mentioned in her video, like Xerjoff, were being sold in larger department stores, which said ‘a lot about how niche fragrance is really being viewed and where it’s being sold.’ 

Next up on the ‘niche luxury hot girl’ long-lasting fragrance list was Roses Vanille from Mancera, which retails for a bit over $100.

She described the scent as ‘sweet’ and ‘delicious’ in the video. 

‘This is the perfect, creamy vanilla,’ Stern said. 

‘Picture, like, just a vanilla cake, it’s sweet but not too crazy sweet, but then, we have this candied jammy rose.’

‘Like, if you picture a rose frosting, not the rose you would find in, like a florist when you smell a bouquet.

‘This is actually the scent that showed me that nuclear perfumes exist for women, because this does last 10-plus hours, and I’ve had so many people that I’ve introduced this to that have now turned this into their signature scent, it’s their most complimented scent, and you need so little of it.’

On a different note, Stern then introduced a more sultry-smelling perfume into the mix, one that she recommended for the fall season especially. 

‘I think chocolate and citrus is one of the most beautiful combinations ever, and this, Dolce Diablo by Narcotica, is a powerhouse chocolate covered apricot scent,’ the perfume expert explained.

She went on to explain that she believed that it was ‘one of the most beautiful’ milk chocolate scents she had found to date, retailing at $280 for an 100ml bottle.

Stern also recommended Dolce Diablo by Narcotica

Another good one was Althaïr from Parfums de Marly

Stern is a perfume enthusiast who often makes videos about the different scents she owns on her TikTok account

'I have gotten so many compliments on this so many hours after putting it on that I had to like, rack my brain to remember what perfume I chose that day,' she said of Dolce Diablo

‘The dry down of this is so stunning and powerful and beautiful,’ Stern said.

‘I have gotten so many compliments on this so many hours after putting it on that I had to rack my brain to remember what perfume I chose that day.’ 

For those who want something that smells a bit more masculine and less sweet, the content creator has something up her sleeve.

‘Now, if you want something a little more masculine but you still want to smell feminine inherently, I highly recommend Althaïr from Parfums de Marly,’ the TikTok creator advised.

‘This is technically a unisex scent, but this is the perfect dark, boozy, Bourbon vanilla,’ she continued about the fragrance, which retails for $250.

‘It’s a little bit woody, it smells not at all like a sticky-sweet vanilla, it is very much a hotel lobby vanilla, and oh my goodness, this lasts such a long time.’

Stern admitted that she had to be in the right mood to wear this one as she typically went for scents that smelt a bit sweeter.

‘I do feel very powerful when I wear this, because the scent bubble that you get when you spray this on your clothes and on your skin is so magical,’ she said.

The last perfume that Stern recommended in the video was Tobacco Honey by Guerlain

The perfume connoisseur claimed that all of these scents lasted for more than 10 hours

And last but not least, she listed Tobacco Honey by Guerlain as another extremely potent fragrance option, explaining that it was the ‘most beautiful honey scent.’

She even went so far as to say the perfume was one of, if not the longest lasting scent in her collection.

‘If you think of that, like, sweet, nectar-y, amber-y, golden honey, the perfect little spoonful that you’re putting in your cup of tea, it is this,’ she declared.

‘But, it is kind of pared down with this tobacco note, it’s like a tobacco in your pipe, not like a leaf, and it gives this little, like, wood-y kind of fireplace-y note in the dry down that is so magical and really grounds the fragrance.’

However, the expert did note that the scent was for honey lovers only, and definitely wasn’t an item that you should buy blindly without smelling first.

‘The first time I sprayed it, lasted me 15 hours and I could still smell the residue on my skin after a shower,’ she said about the perfume, which goes for $380.

‘This is like, be warned, if you do want to create a scent bubble, and you do want to be a knockout with your fragrance, this will do it.’

She ended the clip by explaining that there were definitely long-lasting fragrances that exist for women and weren’t super intense — you just have to know where to find them.

Stern told that you should look out for the perfumers instead of the brands that make them

Speaking to, Stern explained that what helped her find some great perfumes was looking at perfumers and not just a brand that made it. 

‘Perfumers have their own version of IMDB on sites like Fragrantica and you can see their entire history,’ Stern spilled to

‘I find that certain perfumers (Jerome Epinette & Quentin Bisch, for example) consistently create the longest-lasting perfumes, whether they’re $30 for Zara or $300 for Byredo.’

The content creator also offered some additional long-lasting perfumes that she’d found on her journey so far. 

‘I recently came across the brand Future Society which is a brand-new indie perfume brand that partnered with the Harvard Herbarium to dissect the DNA from extinct flowers and turn it into molecules to be used by perfumers,’ she told

She said that in particular, their perfume called Solar Society was one of ‘the most beautiful, long-lasting florals’ she had ever come across, and sells for $100. 

In addition, Stern recommended Xerjoff’s Erba Gold, which is slightly more intense than its counterpart.

Stern advised to look out for the word ‘extrait’ when picking out a long-lasting scent, as it meant that the concentration of fragrance was higher.  

‘People think eau de cologne just equates to men’s version, but cologne is just a word that matches a fragrance concentration,’ she explained to

‘Eau de cologne generally contains 4-6 per cent of concentrate; they are the lightest waters. An eau de toilette contains between 7 and 10 per cent of concentrate. And an eau de parfum contains 10 to 20 per cent. So then if you think about an extrait, that’s beast mode!’


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