Pharrell Williams slammed over Louis Vuitton bag that costs $1 MILLION

  • Fans aren’t so Happy with the singer and the price of his bag for Louis Vuitton
  • His redesigned popular Speedy bag comes in five colors and will cost $1 million
  • Fashionistas have slammed Williams’ new version of iconic bag as ‘out of touch’

If you want to look a literal million bucks then purchasing Pharrell Williams‘ new Louis Vuitton bag will do the trick.

The 50-year-old fashionable singer’s newest design for Louis Vuitton, known as the Millionaire Speedy, has raised some eyebrows, with the colorful version of the iconic bag priced at a cool $1 million.

The Grammy-award winning artist, who was named Louis Vuitton’s creative director of menswear earlier this year, first showed off the bag during Paris Fashion Week in June when he was snapped clutching the canary-yellow version. 

The Millionaire Speedy bag – which is made to order – is handmade from crocodile leather and covered in Louis Vuitton’s signature monogram.

If you want to look a literal million bucks then purchasing Pharrell Williams' new Louis Vuitton Speedy will do the trick (pictured in June)

The made-to-order bag is available in five colors, and is priced at $1 million

The bag will features chunky gold hardware across the handles and shoulder strap, and the million-dollar price tag could come from the actual diamonds covering the pendants, according to GQ.

The Millionaire Speedy isn’t on the official Louis Vuitton website yet, but a screenshot shared to Instagram by NBA star PJ Tucker last week gave fashionistas a glimpse of what they can look forward to.

The picture, posted in a carousel, showed the Speedy bag available for sale on a made-to-order basis in five bold color options – including rouge (red), vert (green), bleu (blue,) and marron (brown). 

However, the Happy singer’s pricey design has faced backlash online with many pointing out the obvious – everyday people can’t afford to spend $1 million on a bag.

Following the official release of the bag, fans took to social media, slamming the singer for being ‘out of touch.’ Several others also accused the designer – who was born in Virginia Beach, Virginia – of forgetting his more humble roots.

‘[The designers] be so out of touch with where they come from,’ one user on X, formerly known as Twitter, complained. 

‘[Pharrell Williams] know people in the town where he from in VA can’t afford this bag. If they wanted to support his bag, they can’t.’

‘Pharrell is very far removed from wherever that town in VA is,’ another agreed. 

‘For what though? Exclusivity? That’s annoying,’ a third person objected. 

‘Even if I was rich. I still wouldn’t buy this a million dollars?! Abegggggggg,’ someone else exclaimed.

Williams, who hails from Virginia Beach, was appointed Louis Vuitton’s Men’s Creative Director in February, opening up about the new role in the August issue of British GQ.

Williams at the Loewe Menswear Spring/Summer 2024 show back in June carrying the Millionaire Speedy

The Grammy-winning artist was named Louis Vuitton's creative director of menswear earlier this year. He's pictured here in June

X users were unimpressed by the Happy singer's pricey Louis Vuitton design, taking to the social media platform, formerly known as Twitter, to share their thoughts

‘It wasn’t an interview or anything,’ Williams told the outlet. 

‘It was like, “Will you accept this position? Will you accept this appointment?” I’m looking at the water and I’m just like, “What?”‘

The accomplished record producer stayed humble about his new role with Louis Vuitton, saying: ‘I never thought it would be me.’ 

‘I am glad to welcome Pharrell back home, after our collaborations in 2004 and 2008 for Louis Vuitton, as our new Men’s Creative Director,’ Pietro Beccari, Louis Vuitton’s Chairman and CEO, said at the time. 

‘His creative vision beyond fashion will undoubtedly lead Louis Vuitton towards a new and very exciting chapter.’

The singer hasn’t released a new album since 2017, instead keeping himself busy with his new sartorial venture, even presenting his own collection at Paris Men’s Fashion Week back in June.

The businessman revealed his plan for the future of Louis Vuitton’s menswear lines, saying: ‘We’re not going to just do things just to make money, or else we’ll just keep making the same belts and s**t.

‘That’s not what I was brought here to do. I was brought here to shake the tree. That’s how you get the sweetest apples.

‘The house has aspirations to grow exponentially, but that growth is not just numbers… Growth and taste, growth and setting the bar, growth and exceeding standards. The money follows that.’


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