Pictured: Boy who asked ‘am I dying?’ as he was scalped by family dog

Pictured: Brave boy, six, who asked mother ‘am I dying?’ as he was scalped by family dog just two weeks after they bought the Staffie on Facebook for £200

  • The six-year-old boy had to spend days in hospital after the vicious attack

A brave six-year-old boy who cried ‘am I dying?’ to his mother after their American Staffordshire terrier viciously attacked him and ripped skin from his scalp has been pictured in the aftermath of the brutal attack.

Vick Zidko was walking down the stairs at his home in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, when their dog, which they bought on Facebook just two weeks prior, clamped its jaws round his head.

The young boy pleaded with the dog, called Diesel, to stop as it brutally bit and scratched him on his head and back, The Mirror reported.

The boy’s family was eventually able to prise the dog’s mouth open after his father Vitalijus put his arm in the dog’s jaw to protect his son – after which, young Vick cried:  ‘Mummy, am I dying?’.

Vick spent five days in hospital and had the torn-off piece of scalp reattached, and newly-released pictures have shown him during his treatment and how he is faring now he has returned home.

Vick Zidko, six, has been pictured receiving treatment in hospital following the savage attack by his family's pet

The brave boy asked his mother 'am I dying?' during the horrific attack, during which he was scalped

A six-year-old boy was scalped by an American Staffordshire terrier called Diesel (pictured) just two weeks after it was purchase on Facebook

The dog (pictured) was destroyed by police after it tore skin off the head of Vick Zidko

Heartbreaking pictures show Vick receiving treatment in hospital, where the brave primary school-age boy continued to have a smile on his face despite the ordeal.

He is now out of hospital after five days of treatment, with a huge bandage removed and a large patch remaining where doctors reattached the scalp.

Vick had to have more than 50 stitches in his head and face, and also suffered deep cuts in his back. 

Officers are now investigating the incident and the dog was destroyed by police. 

Forklift truck driver Vitalijus told The Mirror the family had thought ‘long and hard’ about getting a dog and described Diesel as ‘really soft’ and ‘jumping around’.

Last Thursday at 7pm, the dog was chewing a bone just before the attack began leading Vick’s sister Gabriel, 18, to think ‘it was as if he saw Vick as a chew toy’.

After the attack a piece of Vick’s scalp ended up on the floor at the home and was almost stepped on by a police officer. 

Mother Eugenija, 41, told The Mirror: ‘I grabbed Vick and ran to the bedroom, locking the door.

‘I was trying to calm him down. I put a towel on his head to stop the bleeding. He saw all the blood and said, “Mummy, am I dying?”.

‘Then he asked “is [his twin brother] Nick and Gabriel OK.’ 

She added her son is now having bad dreams where he relives the moment the dog attacked him.

She added: ‘He said, “Promise me, we’ll have no more dogs in our house”.’

It comes as a dog walker who was mauled to death by eight dogs in January is believed to have been killed by her own American Bully XL.

Natasha Johnston  died from multiple bites to the neck

Police at the scene in Gravelly Hill in Caterham, Surrey, where dogs fatally attacked Ms Johnston

Witnesses to the horrific attack said the dogs turned into a pack of ‘wolves’ when they attacked Natasha Johnston, 28, at the Gravelly Hill beauty spot in Caterham on January 12.

She died from multiple bites to the neck, including one that perforated her jugular vein, an inquest heard. Eight dogs were seized at the scene of the frenzied attack.

Police confirmed Ms Johnston’s dog was the only animal to have been destroyed.

They are continuing to hold five other dogs following a vet’s forensic report but two seized dachshunds were returned to their owner last month.


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