Plane passengers left horrified by barefoot man with six toes

  • A TikTok video has gone viral of an airline passenger with his feet out on a flight
  • When you take a closer look you realise the passenger actually has six toes
  • The video has over eight million views and thousands of hilarious comments 

While it can be tempting to slip off your shoes and socks during a long haul flight, it’s generally considered a bad breach of airplane etiquette. 

What’s more the floors on airplanes are extremely dirty – and they are even sometimes covered with bodily fluids, so it’s really not worth the risk.

And one traveller has attracted the ire of fellow passengers by taking his socks off on a flight, as revealed in a viral TikTok video. 

At first glance, the video looks like every other clip of these incidents, though when you take a closer look you realise the passenger in question actually has six toes.

He has what looks like a ‘double pinky toe’ that can be seen as the person who posted the videos zooms in closely, and commenters from around the world have been left baffled. 

The video has racked up a huge 8.1million views and over 14,000 comments, most of which are poking fun at the unusual clip and re-igniting the debate of whether it’s acceptable to go barefoot in public.

After zooming in on their fellow jetsetter’s foot, the camera pans out to the window as the plane takes off.

One commenter joked ‘Flying out of Torontoe,’ while another added ‘you know he’s not lack toes intolerant’.

The top comment with over 40,000 likes, is simply ‘I’m telling you right now…’ with laughing emojis.

It’s alluding to a video that went viral earlier this year of American Airlines passenger Tiffany Gomez acting erratically on her flight and claiming she saw something that’s not real:  ‘I am telling you right now – that m*****f***** back there is NOT real’.

The commenter is essentially joking that the double toe is what she saw, to which another commenter replied ‘Brilliant. But yeah I would get off the plane for that’.

Another said ‘You won. Here is your trophy’ and a separate comment reads ‘this what the plane lady was talkn about’.

Someone else said they were ‘so focused on the hair’ that they ‘nearly missed the twins’.

After zooming in on their fellow jetsetter's foot, the camera pans out to the window as the plane takes off

One commenter joked 'Flying out of Torontoe,' while another added 'you know he's not lack toes intolerant'

Others wrote 'unexpected item in bagging area' and 'make a wish they're like 4 leaf clovers'


Polydactyly is a birth defect that occurs when a person is born with extra fingers or toes. It affects around one in every 700-to-1,000 births worldwide.

During the sixth or seventh week of pregnancy, a foetus’ ‘paddle hands and feet’ divide into fingers and toes. Polydactyly occurs when the ‘paddle’ splits too many times.  

The extra digit(s) can range from a nubbin to a complete, working finger or toe. 

Most of the time the finger or toe is smaller than the other digits and poorly formed. If fully formed, it will contain all the normal bone, blood vessels and nerves.

Polydactyly is thought to occur randomly but may have a genetic element or be linked to an underlying condition. The condition is usually spotted on an ultrasound scan.

Surgery to remove the extra digits usually occurs when a child is one or two years old. This should leave them with a hand or foot that functions, and looks, as normal. 


As the jesting continued, one viewer joked that the passenger is ‘just crossing them for good luck on the flight’.

Others wrote ‘unexpected item in bagging area’ and ‘make a wish they’re like 4 leaf clovers’.

With a crying emoji, someone said ‘Nah but why he letting it air out like that’ and another chimed in ‘Taking off your shoes AND socks is crazy’.

One commenter felt sorry for the man in the video, writing: ‘the only time ill accept shoes off on a plane, it’s gotta hurt rubbing against the top all the time poor guy’.

Another agreed, adding ‘Ok to be fair, it’s probably so uncomfortable to wear shoes but man… bring some slippers or something. NO ONE should be dogs out on a plane’. 

It’s likely that the passenger has a polydactyly, a birth defect that occurs when a person is born with extra fingers or toes 


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