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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – A woman suffered gunshot wounds after an incident with a police officer in west Springfield Tuesday morning.

Officers responded to the Fast N’ Friendly in the 500 block of West Chestnut Expressway after an officer identified a stolen car around 5 a.m. When three officers tried to stop her from getting away, investigators say Maggie Thrift hit one of them with her car. The officers then fired shots at her in response.

“The driver fled in the vehicle, striking an officer as she drove out of the parking lot,” Chief Paul Williams said in a news conference. “At that time three separate officers fired shots at the vehicle.”

She escaped custody, despite multiple gunshot wounds. Officers later found Thrift on Commercial Street.

“The police department received a 911 call stating there was a woman with a gunshot wound,” Williams said.

Investigators say the gunshot wounds do not appear life-threatening. Police Chief Paul Williams says Thrift was wanted on several warrants. She is hospitalized.

The officer suffered minor injuries in the incident.

Officers located the vehicle Tuesday afternoon. Police Chief Paul Williams says the vehicle was stolen.

Chief Williams said Tuesday’s incident brings back memories of other officers struck by cars this year, including officer Mark Priebe back in June.

”For me personally yes,” he said. “And Greene County Sheriff’s deputy Lieutenant Westbrook was struck by a vehicle her recently as well. So that always comes into play. I’m sure that runs through the minds of officers as well. But thankfully in this case, no serious injuries were the result of that action of the suspect actually driving and attempting to strike a police officer.”

Williams said two investigations will now take place, including a criminal investigation. He said this will look into the incident itself and the actions of officers.

”We also have an administrative investigation which will look at policies, practices, actions and behaviors of the officers as far as related to our policy procedures and standard operating guidelines.”

Williams said the investigations will occur separately and at the same time. He also said the officers involved have been put on administrative leave until investigations are complete.

Police are still seeking any information.

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