Prince of Wales records video for Mental Health Awareness

So now they’re releasing TEASERS: Prince of Wales shares trailer for a ‘special video’ to mark Mental Health Awareness Week ahead of release on Sunday – after posting slick Coronation clips to social media’

It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss it appearance, but Prince William was just about visible in a polished teaser video released by Kensington Palace today.

Using a pair of eye emojis and another emoji of a boat, the Prince and Princess of Wales’ official Twitter account @KensingtonRoyal published a short trailer for a video set to be released this weekend to mark Mental Health Awareness Week. 

The short 15-second clip shows the merest glimpse of the Prince of Wales preparing to push off with mental health charity HMS Oardacious from a serene-looking riverbank with a four-man Royal Navy Submariners crew. 

The caption accompanying the cameo clip reads: ‘A special video for #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek coming this Sunday’ accompanied by a pair of eyes and a boat emoji. 

Rowing royal: Prince William is seen in the short teaser clip in a four-man boat as he joined mental health charity HMS Oardacious for a trip on the river

HMS Oardacious’s Royal Navy Submariners row oceans to raise money for mental health charity projects. Posting shortly after, the charity wrote on Twitter: ‘Such an honour to be part of this. #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek.’

In the video, the Prince is seen sat, wearing shades and blue rowing gear with his hands on the oars of the vessel. 

The royal doesn’t speak, but a voice from a fellow crewmember can be heard saying: ‘Let go of the lines, push off when you’re ready.’

The clip opens with a calming river view, as the vessel is prepped for the outing, with ropes unfurled and oars dipped. 

It’s the latest in a high-production clip shared by Kensington Palace; following the Coronation, the Prince and Princess of Wales released a stunning behind-the-scenes video of theme at the historic event.

The video, released by the Wales’s official YouTube account, showed William and Kate meeting crowds of royal fans on the Mall outside Buckingham Palace the evening before the coronation.

It also showed the family getting ready in their Kensington Palace apartment – number 1A – on the day. Prince William, 40, and Kate, 41, live with their children Prince George, nine, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, in the private home when staying in London.

In the video, the Prince is seen sat, wearing shades and blue rowing gear with his hands on the oars of the vessel

Kensington Palace teased the trailer for the video, set to be released on Sunday, showing a glimpse of the Prince of Wales preparing to set sail with a four-man rowing crew

Mental Health Awareness Week began on Monday, with the Prince and Princess of Wales annually showing their support for the awareness week.  

The Princess of Wales said she believes emotions should not be ‘over medicalised’, particularly among young people who tend to ‘latch onto labels of any sort’.

Yesterday, the Princess of Wales chatted to young people about their anxieties during a visit to the Anna Freud Centre today.

Kate, 41, was beaming as she arrived at Anna Freud’s London base this morning, where she joined a series of roundtable discussions about the mental health challenges facing youngsters today.

She told officials: ‘In the caveman ages our worlds were quite small so we were able to deal with that fight or flight response…”

The Prince and Princess of Wales have shown their commitment to mental health causes this week: Kate Middleton , 41, was beaming as she greeted royal fans at Anna Freud's London base on Thursday

The Princess of Wales donned an £3,000 emerald green midi dress from Suzannah London for the occasion, which she paired with a set of Accessorize earrings and her Alessandra Rich white heels

By comparison, she suggested that modern society and the effect of social media had a notable effect on mental health and wellbeing.

Instead she said children should be encouraged to learn mental health skills that will help them not just in school, but in all aspects of their lives.

Wearing a £3,000 green Suzannah teadress with Alessandra Rich two-tone heels and a pair of Accessorize earrings costing around £8, the Princess spent time at the centre with a group of secondary schoolchildren who have been taking part in interactive activities that explore how to deal with their own anxious feelings.

As she chatted about her work on mental health, she added: ‘The more you learn, the more you read, the more interesting a perspective you get… it’s great to keep up to date.’

She went on: ‘I’ve learnt a huge amount. And then you go down into fields of philosophy, as well as psychology and neuroscience.’

The Princess noted that there was “so much synergy” between conversations on all aspects of mental health and that no individual element could be considered alone.

She then joined a round table discussion involving sector experts who chatted about how to better support the mental health of future generations.


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