Princess of Soho India Rose James insists she is not a nepo-baby

Porn empire heiress India Rose James whose £329 million fortune made her richer than the late Queen insists she isn’t a nepo baby

She is the granddaughter of the property magnate and porn publisher Paul Raymond, and made the Sunday Times rich list when she was just 16.

Yet India Rose James, 31, has insisted she is not a ‘nepo baby.’

The mother-of-one was left roughly £300m after her grandfather died in 2008, making her richer than the Queen.

But after years of ‘having no motivation’, she now the Soho Revue Gallery in Greek Street, London.

She says that, while the money gave her a leg up, she works hard and her credit card has a ‘limit’. 

She is the granddaughter of the property magnate and porn publisher Paul Raymond, and made the Sunday Times rich list when she was just 16.  Yet India Rose, 31, has insisted she is not a 'nepo baby'

Speaking to The Times, she said that – at a recent party – people were talking of nepo-babies and some looked at her.

She added, ‘What can I say? I was left money, which undoubtedly gave me a leg up. 

‘But I set up the gallery on my own; I pay a higher percentage to the artists than most galleries because I want to invest in the creative community. 

‘If I inherit some money, does that make me a nepo baby? I don’t think so.’

In 2013 India, then 21, was the youngest person to make the Sunday Times Rich List, her vast £329million making her richer than the Queen.

Paul Raymond, India’s beloved grandfather ‘Papa’, opened the famously raunchy Raymond Revuebar in 1958 before branching out and founding his own adult magazine empire in 1964.

Over the following years ploughed his profits into property to the extent that it was said he bought a freehold a week in 1977. The nickname ‘the King of Soho’ followed.

When Paul died in 2008, the majority of his portfolio was left to India and her half-sister Fawn (whose biological father is Duncan Mackay from the rock band 10cc, but was adopted by India’s father John James as a child) then aged 16 and 22, respectively. A hefty chunk was also left to Paul’s son Howard.

India and Fawn’s mother Debbie Raymond, Paul’s daughter, died of a drug overdose at the age of 36, leaving behind ten-month-old India and six-year-old Fawn.

Paul Raymond at his RevueBar in Soho, London with Linzi Drew (left) and unknown model in around 1981

India, whose £329million fortune saw her beat the Queen's wealth and make the Sunday Times rich list at just 21, posted a glimpse at her '30th Yule Ball' on Instagram

The family fortune, which was estimated at £482 million in the 2016 Sunday Times rich list, is derived from a property empire that includes the site of Soho House, nightclub The Box, and the former premises of the bookshop Foyles.

In 2020 India, who at one point was nicknamed the ‘Princess of Soho’, revealed she was 18 months sober after quitting and her hard-partying ways to become a better role model for her daughter Sapphire, now seven. 

She says she has now been sober for five years and enjoys a ‘clear head’.

India now counts an art gallery and book among her achievements, and she is also working on renovating the famous Madame JoJo’s in Soho. 

She spends her days chasing suppliers and sorting out shipping quotes. 

She also collects art, and has pieces from Howard Hodgkin and Tracey Emin. 

But she insists that she always looks at the price tag and that her credit card has a limit. 

Despite this, she is known for her extravagenace.

In 2021, she threw a lavish Harry Potter-themed 30th birthday party. 

Along with India’s magical, custom-made LED dress taking centre stage, the sumptious bash included a bookshelf with a hidden bar behind it, a boa constrictor, a tattoo bar and an army of performers performing a martial arts inspired dance during a sit-down meal.

Invites came in the form of wizardly gold coins, while posters echoing those of Sirius Black’s face were plastered across the wall, bearing the faces of India’s friends including model Tigerlily Taylor and actor Matt Smith.

Meanwhile India’s custom dress was designed by India’s pal and London-based designer Sonny Tassell, featuring clever LED lights which lit up in the dark.


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