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Proton is out with support for passkeys today with its open-source, end-to-end encrypted password manager Proton Pass. Notably, the company calls out big tech’s approach to passkey support as making their walled gardens taller, while Proton’s approach is to keep passkeys “free, universal, and open-source.”

Proton detailed the news in a blog post this morning:

We’re excited to announce that Proton Pass supports passkeys for everyone, allowing you to manage and use passkeys across all devices seamlessly. Passkeys are an easy and secure alternative to traditional passwords that can help prevent phishing attacks and make your online experience smoother and safer.

Proton sees big tech’s rollout of passkey support as self-serving, locking customers “into their walled gardens over providing universal security for everyone.” Or choosing to “only support passkeys on specific platforms or provide them with paid plans, meaning you only get to reap passkeys’ security benefits if you can afford them.”

In contrast, Proton says:

We’ve reimagined passkeys, helping them reach their full potential as free, universal, and open-source tech. We believe online privacy and security should be accessible to everyone, regardless of what device you use or your ability to pay. That’s why passkey support is now available to the entire Proton Pass community.

Proton Pass passkey support

  • Store and manage your passkeys in any browser and in all Proton apps
  • Simple, one-click interface
  • Open-source and end-to-end encrypted
  • Work with all standard and business plans of Proton Pass
  • Passkeys and passwords have “equal priority” so they’re user-friendly and you can use them interchangeably

Proton Pass offers a free version along with Proton Pass Plus at $1.99/month (normally $4.99) or with the $9.99/month (normally $12.99) full Proton Unlimited bundle.

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