Radio host suddenly vanishes during trip to crocodile-infested area

Radio host and renowned angling expert Roman Butchaski has disappeared while fishing from the banks of a croc-infested river in far north Queensland.

A major air and land search has been launched for the former 2GB star who was last seen on Sunday, bosses at the radio station revealed on Tuesday morning.

‘Butch is missing,’ 2GB host Ben Fordham revealed on Tuesday.

‘He was last seen heading off on a solo fishing trip in Cape York Peninsula on Sunday afternoon and a major search and rescue operation is now underway.’ 

Butchaski set off on a fishing expedition at 8am on Sunday, headed for the Olive Rover, 600km north of Cairns, and 100km south of Bamaga at the tip of Cape York.

But he has never been seen or heard of since, sparking the major search.

‘He borrowed a side by side buggy from a friend and traveled about an hour to to go fishing along the banks of the the Olive River,’ local reporter Harry Clark told Fordham. 

‘All that they’ve found of Butch is that vehicle with a few personal effects such as a fishing rod that was found on Sunday afternoon and he hasn’t been seen since.

‘It’s on Cape Yotk and the Olive River is a tidal saltwater river – and like all waterways in that area, they’re known crocodile habitat. 

‘That’s certainly one of the things that search crews are taking into consideration as they as they look for Butch.’

Fordham said the thoughts and prayers of everyone at the radio station were with Butch and his family as the search continues.

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