Rep. Green says there’s a ‘potential’ for Mayorkas impeachment inquiry

EXCLUSIVE: Top Republican says there’s a ‘potential’ for DHS Secretary Mayorkas impeachment inquiry as Sound of Freedom’s Tim Ballard SLAMS Biden administration for border policies allowing ‘horrifying’ child sex trafficking in the U.S.

  • Chairman Mark Green is leading a hearing Wednesday on the ‘human toll’ of the border crisis
  • ‘Yes, there’s a potential that we could turn this into an inquiry now,’ Green told about a Mayorkas impeachment
  • Former DHS agent Tim Ballard – who inspired the renowned film Sound of Freedom – says Biden admin’s policies are to blame for child trafficking 

Republicans are heading toward a ‘potential’ impeachment of DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas as they expose the horrific human impact of the southern border crisis – including rampant sex trafficking and fentanyl poisonings.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., told Tuesday that an impeachment of Mayorkas is a very real possibility following new bombshell findings he will make public this week.

‘Yes, there’s a potential that we could turn this into an inquiry now, and I think it’s the first time I’ve said it in the media actually,’ he said during an exclusive interview.

The chairman is leading a hearing Wednesday will feature former DHS agent Tim Ballard, whose harrowing tale recusing children from sex slavery is featured in the renowned film ‘The Sound of Freedom.’ 

Green says there are ‘very concerning’ details that will be revealed during Ballard’s testimony Wednesday that will shock the American public and ‘possibly lead’ into an impeachment inquiry. 

‘We need to know if Mayorkas understands, you know, if he’s just really as stupid as this appears. Or is this he understands what’s going on and just doesn’t seem to care?’ 

Ballard tells that the Biden administration’s policies are to blame for the crisis of child sex slavery at the U.S. border.

‘It’s absolutely horrifying and it’s all due to one thing – U.S. border policy is creating all of this,’ Ballard said. 

Former DHS agent Tim Ballard - who inspired the renowned film Sound of Freedom - says Biden admin's policies are to blame for child trafficking

The Biden administration has lost track of over 85,000 unaccompanied minors that have come across the border into the U.S. over the last several years, said Ballard who served as a special agent for the Department of Homeland Security for over a decade.

The children become easy ‘prey for the traffickers’ creating an ‘alarming predicament’ that he says is being largely ignored by the Biden administration. 

As a result, he says that Mayorkas should face further investigation by Congress.

‘Yes, I would absolutely support an impeachment inquiry into Mayorkas,’ Ballard told ahead of the hearing Wednesday, because children’s lives are ‘being destroyed.’

‘They’re being kidnapped, they’re being trafficked, they’re being raped,’ he continued.

‘So if we have a secretary who’s completely ignoring the those facts, and ignoring the plight of those children, then absolutely I would support an impeachment inquiry.’ 

Border Czar VP Kamala Harris and the entire Biden administration have shown a ‘disregard for the plight of these poor children,’ says Ballard.

The former DHS agent told that Honduras President Xiomara Castro is trying to meet with Mayorkas regarding the over 3,000 unaccompanied Honduran children that are currently in the U.S. And Guatemala has expressed similar concerns as young children have been smuggled out of the country and into the U.S.

Ballard says he hopes that Mayorkas will allow him to join the meeting at the border with Castro. 

He added that the border was never ‘politicized’ until the Biden administration, and DHS agents are suffering from low morale and higher suicide rates because they’re ‘not being allowed to do their job.’

‘If you imagine a U.S. law enforcement officer, who has dedicated their life to rescuing children, is now being ordered to participate in what they know will be the  final leg of the child’s trafficking journey – that would that would put anyone with a law enforcement heart in despair.’ 

An estimated 17 border patrol agents died by suicide in 2022, which is a 13-year high. 

Ballard says that Kamala Harris’ ‘mocking of the wall’ exacerbated the issue.

‘I’m the most pro-immigration person I know. I have two children who have been adopted – who are immigrants. So I’m for big walls and wide ports of entry,’ he told 

As for the continued success of the Sound of Freedom film, Ballard says he’s still ‘shocked by it.’ 

But he’s grateful for the success because he’s now getting audiences with Latin America leaders, including Castro and others, that are helping to enact change.

On July 4, Sound of Freedom brought in $14 million, while the newest Indiana Jones film earned only $11.5 million, according to the Post Millennial. It is now the number one movie in Latin America.

‘And it’s forcing a conversation that I think the American people have wanted to have, but didn’t know how to start it,’ he added. 

Ballard said the film wasn’t intended to ‘make a statement about border policy’ but it came out just when it was most needed. 

‘I think the testimony and the questioning of Mr. Ballard is going to be very insightful for everyone,’ continued Green. 

Other witnesses at Wednesday’s hearing include Sandy Snodgrass, who lost her son Bruce to fentanyl poisoning in 2021. Mayra Cantu, wife of border patrol agent Gary Cantu, will also testify on the ‘consequences’ of the border crisis.

Republicans announced Tuesday that they are opening a formal impeachment inquiry into President Biden over his connections to his son Hunter’s business dealings.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told Republicans investigating president’s links to Hunter’s foreign business deals that impeachment is the ‘next logical step.’ 

He next announced the launch of an impeachment inquiry into Joe and his family’s ‘culture of corruption.’ 

The White House has maintained that Joe has never been involved in Hunter’s dealings and so far, the GOP has ‘turned up no evidence of wrongdoing.’ 

Chairman Green said Tuesday that ‘Republicans need to walk and chew gum at the same time’ regarding the two potential impeachments.

‘It is perfectly fitting and proper for various committees of jurisdiction to investigate the failures and malfeasance of officials serving in or connected to the Biden administration simultaneously, he said.

The number of illegal migrants have increased over the summer months.

In June, there was a reported 100,000 migrants, an estimated 132,000 in July and reportedly over 177,000 who crossed into the U.S. in August.

'Yes, I would absolutely support an impeachment inquiry into Mayorkas,' Ballard told

As for the continued success of the Sound of Freedom film, Ballard says he's still 'shocked by it'

A migrant walks with a child as they along with others continue their journey to the U.S. border, in Acandi, Colombia, July 9, 2023

Last week, the House Homeland Security Committee released ‘Phase 2’ of its comprehensive report on the crisis at the southern border.

It found that Mexican drug cartels are exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

In addition, the committee is looking into the number of migrants who have died in the U.S. 

Some estimates put the figure at over 500 dead in 2023 alone. 

On Tuesday, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said it has recorded 686 ‘deaths and disappearances’ of migrants on the frontier last year.

The organization estimates that the figure is much larger due to ‘missing data.’

As a result, the U.S.-Mexico border is the ‘world’s deadliest land migration route.’

Another issue of concern to Green and his larger committee is the threat that Chinese spies may be using the southern border to gain entry into the U.S.

Green told that the committee will hold hearings in the future on the threat of Chinese infiltrators using the border.

Ballard will separately join Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., at a press conference Tuesday to shine light on a new bill that would require the Biden administration to find the 85,000 unaccompanied children.  


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