Revealed: Passenger, 44, who berated cops, mocked their penis size

  • Angela Killian, 44, was barred from Dallas-Fort Worth to Colombia flight
  • Staff claimed she hit them with her phone and police were called to arrest her
  • Killian mocked and screamed at cops as they hauled her out of the airport
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A banker who mocked the penis size and salaries of cops as she was arrested after being barred from a flight has a long history of getting drink on work trips.

Angela Nicole Killian, 44, a divorced mother-of-two, was flying on American Airlines from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to Bogota, Colombia, on September 12.

Newly released police bodycam video showed cops arrest her for public intoxication after staff accused her of hitting them with her phone in a rage.

She claimed to have only had two ‘very full’ vodka tonics to drink at the airport bar, but was slurring and incoherent as she berated police, then wet herself on the floor.

Angela Nicole Killian, 44, was arrested on September 12 after police were called to Dallas-Fort Worth Airport and had to carry her away as she shouted abuse at them

Court records showed Killian was charged with resisting arrest and will face Tarrant County Criminal Court on April 17. She is yet to enter a plea.

The video showed one of the AA ground staff said she wanted to press charges, but later changed her mind when police explained she would need to take time off work and appear in court. 

Killian was a customer experience manager at Capital One in Dallas until she was immediately fired when the bank learned of her arrest.

Employees told that Killian frequently went on weeklong overseas business trips for the company, where she drank heavily.

‘I wasn’t surprised by the video I saw given her behavior when she travels, and she’s a heavy drinker in general. I’ve had to personally escort her to her hotel room on many occasions,’ one colleague who traveled with her many times said.

They said on several occasions they had to drag, carry, or wheel her in a chair back to her hotel room because she wasn’t able to walk.

Killian was also said to be a ‘bully’ who would make life difficult at work for those not in her in-group, who didn’t have the authority or backbone to stand up to her. 

Capital One did not respond to requests for comment. It is unclear whether it knew the full story of Killian’s behavior before the bodycam footage was released. 

Public records showed she was convicted of DWI in February 2022 after being pulled over in July 2020.

She is also involved in renewed divorce proceedings with her ex-husband Jeffrey Polk Killian, 51, according to court records.

The former couple filed for divorce in 2016 and were granted joint custody of their two daughters, now aged 15 and 12, as part of a settlement.

Newly released police bodycam video showed cops arrest her for public intoxication after staff accused her of hitting them with her phone in a rage

Killian’s former co-workers explained their trip always began with a trip to the American Airlines lounge at DFW Airport to take advantage of the unlimited booze.

There she would down three tall vodka and tonics ‘at minimum’ before even getting on the plane.

The colleague said there was no way Killian only had the two ‘very full’ drinks she told police she drank before her arrest.

Killian was a good leader and manager and carried herself professionally in a corporate environment, they said. It was only during events to entertain clients and during work trips that she could be unprofessional.

She always had a drink in her hand, downed them quickly, and had ‘no moderation… not having control and not being able to know when to stop’.

‘From the time we entered that environment to the time we left, there was no downtime,’ the colleague said.

‘If you said she wasn’t drinking, we would all faint.’

While on an overseas trip, the heavy drinking would start as soon as the day’s work was done and continue into the evening.

Killian would on average get drunk three out of five nights, and on at least one of those require help from co-workers to get back to her room, which the colleague said was always embarrassing.

Usually she was just too disoriented, but the co-worker said though she never witnessed worse incidents, she heard from others who went on different trips.

‘There were times she had to be dragged, carried, or put in a chair and pushed [back to her room] as she wasn’t able to walk,’ they said.

Cops were told of the situation by three American Airlines ground staff who alleged she hit them with her phone

The next morning, colleagues had to make sure she got out of bed in time to participate in the day’s schedule, but after that she was an effective worker.

‘She’s really good at bouncing back, that’s probably why it never became alarming,’ they said.

‘You never know what you’re going to get. She can be entertaining and fun to be around, very outgoing, and everyone gets a kick out of it – until it goes wrong. 

‘Then everyone has to come to her rescue and clean it up, and it becomes a non-spoken thing so long as she gets up and looks the part the next day. 

‘Before September, I hadn’t seen a situation where it didn’t result in that.’

Killian didn’t just overindulge after work on overseas trips, but at functions put on to entertain clients both in the US and elsewhere.

Though she never did anything to cause a major incident in front of clients, it was clear when she was intoxicated as she started slurring her words early.

But as Killian worked at Capital One for many years, her clients knew her so well they were never offended and rarely put off by her behavior.

‘Something that might be embarrassing in front of someone she didn’t know, because of the relationship she’s formed it was kind of a normal thing,’ her former colleague said.

Thin involved Killian sometimes being ‘mildly’ belligerent or needlessly confrontational and forceful when she had a few too many.

‘They were easily resolved by saying “Angela, calm down, sit down” and it never had to be escalated,’ they said.

‘If they never met her before they would definitely be taken aback and potentially offended, and I don’t think she would have gotten away with it if she wasn’t still articulate enough to talk business.’

The chaos at the gate before the police arrived as took her to a chair where they handcuffed her. The woman can be seen filming on her phone

Killian was also known for bullying some colleagues, and had enough influence with the bosses to ‘make or break someone’s work’.

‘If you weren’t part of her group, she would make it very difficult for you to succeed… She could be a bully to quite a few people,’ her former co-worker said.

They said they knew how to handle it due to their experience so Killian ‘knew it wasn’t a tree she could bark up’. 

‘She picked on people who didn’t have the authority or backbone to stand up to her,’ they said.

‘Karma is real and when you are selective in how you treat people, it’s going to catch up with you. There will be a number of people who got some satisfaction out of this.’

The colleague said as far as they knew, Killian had never been in trouble at work for anything, and was known for being a company woman and was close to the top bosses. 

However, despite her work history and capability she was never promoted to the level her colleagues expected ‘so maybe this was holding her back… somebody knew something’.

‘The most shocking part was the insults to the police, I’ve heard her talk s**t behind people’s backs, but I was taken aback by that – but maybe other people wouldn’t have been,’ they said. 

Capital One kept her sacking so under wraps that it didn’t even announce she had left the company until February.

‘No one knew anything about this in September, it was hush hush until when they finally said she had left but no one knew why,’ the ex-colleague said.

‘Since the video came out it’s been a whirlwind throughout the company, there’s a lot of people running around like headless chickens doing damage control, trying to keep this from blowing up.’

Killian repeatedly refused to comment on record when contacted by 

After screaming at police when they questioned her, Killian was carried out of the airport by several officers when she flopped on the ground and refused to move.

During this time she shouted abuse, mocked their salaries – which she speculated were around $60,000 – penis sizes, sex lives, and screamed about her platinum frequent flyer status.

From what police were able to piece together, the trouble began when as she tried to board the flight.

One female staff member said she told Killian she needed to consolidate her carry-on as she had too many, and she got upset.

‘So I said ok, just go. When she gets to the door she starts yelling’ and swearing ”are you f**king kidding me?’ for unknown reasons, she told police.

As she was telling the passenger she needed to stop swearing, the captain came off the plane because some of his paperwork was missing.

A policewoman tried to get the passenger's side of the story, but she mostly said she just wanted to go home and yelled

The staff called a manager to bring the missing paperwork and Killian, overhearing her, said ‘what did you say the captain said’.

‘You’re not going on the flight… get out of my face, you cannot be talking to my flight attendants like that,’ the captain told her, according to staff.

Staff told police she became belligerent and started recording on her phone, getting in the face of three ground staff and ‘swiping’ them in the chest with the phone.

Police were called and sat Killian down in handcuffs while they tried to figure out what was going on.

They talked to the staff, one of whom said she wanted to press assault charges and explained where she was allegedly hit with the phone.

Meanwhile, a policewoman tried to get Killian’s side of the story, but she mostly said she just wanted to go home and yelled. 

‘I have flown for 30 years, I am a high school graduate and I worked my way out of the darkest hole anyone could imagine,’ she said at one point.

‘And you can f**k off, I hate this whole place.’

‘I don’t care, I just don’t care, I want to go home.’

Killian eventually gave a partial explanation that she was flying to Colombia on a work trip with other colleagues, who made it onto the plane.

‘They didn’t let me on because I got on at the wrong time, I was late… I’m usually on so early…’ she said.

‘I was trying to make a joke about my Indian co-workers who were with me.

‘I assure you I wasn’t doing anything to screw with these travel agents, they are the best people ever… this is so dumb.’

The woman insulted the salaries and penis sizes of police as they frog-marched her through the airport

Killian said she had two ‘very full’ vodka tonics at an airport bar, but not any more than she usually drinks when she travels.

‘I’m not innocent… I’m definitely not completely sober but,’ she said. ‘I’m not as drunk as you think I am, I’m just super traumatized.’

She got progressively more agitated and started screaming about wanting to speak to her lawyer immediately.

‘I am trying to be nice, and now I’m done so let’s call my lawyer,’ she bellowed in a garbled voice and tried to leave.

Police decided they had heard enough and told Killian she was being arrested for public intoxication. 

They tried to escort her out of the airport but she refused and they had to frog-march her away from the gate while she abused them.

‘Pieces of mediocre s**t of your life, you feel good make $60,000 a year?’ she yelled incoherently.

‘You f**king tiny piece of s**t. You feel good f**king your wife with you’re f**king five-inch d**k?’

As the police were marching her out of the airport, the woman fell to the ground and refused to get up, and police realized she had wet herself

Giving up on her walking, police strapped her legs together and carried her horizontally until they got to security and she agreed to walk

Seconds later, Killian fell to the ground and refused to get up, and police realized she had wet herself. 

‘Did she p**s herself? Yep she did,’ one cop said.

Killian insisted she didn’t but another policeman said he could smell the urine.

‘It’s probably the guy who f**ked your wife before he f**ked you,’ she responded.

‘You feel good about yourself? You f**king six five eight d**k stack f**king short tiny a** dick… wearing a uniform makes you feel good about yourself? You and your f**king facial hair.’

While she was lying on the ground, Killian bizarrely asked officers ‘how am I acting right now?’

‘It doesn’t matter, it’s how you were acting before, how we ended up on the ground,’ a policeman replied.

Killian shot back: ‘How I was acting before is so subjective. I’m not acting f**king much right now, am I?

‘You are trying to detain someone who is unwilling to be detained. How is that fair?’

Giving up on her walking, police strapped her legs together and carried her horizontally until they got to security and she agreed to walk. 

Then she got mad when they searched her before putting her in the police car, yelling that she hadn’t done anything wrong and she was scared.

She was taken out of the airport and put into a police car to be taken to jail

After Killian was locked in the police car, officers regrouped and exclaimed about how much of her urine they got on them.

‘I have it all over my leg! You’re fine… it’s on my pant leg completely, it’s seeped through to my leg,’ one policewoman yelled in disgust, while a male cop said his hands were covered with urine.

One policeman headed back inside to take a formal statement from the airline staff and picked up hand sanitizer to get rid of the urine and sprayed all his uniform.

He explained to the airline staff that as the passenger would be charged with resisting arrest, there was not much to be gained from adding assault.

After being told she would have to take days off work to come to court, she decided not to press assault charges.

‘I’m gonna go take a bath,’ the officer said. 

Police agreed they would charged Killian with resisting arrest and public intoxication.

American Airlines staff at DFW endured another meltdown from a passenger just two months earlier.

Tiffany Gomas, 38, hysterically claimed a fellow passenger on her American Airlines flight from Fort Worth to Orlando on July 2 was ‘not real’.

‘I’m telling you, I’m getting the f*** off and there’s a reason why I’m getting the f*** off and everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it,’ she yelled as she walked to the front of the plane.

‘I don’t give two f**ks, but I am telling you right now – that motherf**ker back there is NOT real,’ she added, pointing towards the back of the plane.

‘And you can sit on this plane and you can die with them or not. I’m not going to.’

American Airlines staff at DFW endured another meltdown from a passenger just two months earlier when  Tiffany Gomas, 38, hysterically claimed a fellow passenger was 'not real'.

Footage of her meltdown went viral on TikTok and Gomas became an internet sensation as ‘crazy plane lady’.

The Dallas marketing executive said when she said the other passenger was ‘not real’ – she meant it as a figure of speech, meaning ‘he’s not being real’.

‘I stayed at home for over four weeks because I was so ashamed and so embarrassed I didn’t wanna go in public,’ she told Inside Edition.

When asked what sparked the sudden outburst – Gomas said ‘I had an altercation and I felt very strongly that I needed to get off the plane’.

She explained that she believed other people on the flight were in danger ‘due to the altercation’ – but said she couldn’t say anything more for ‘legal reasons’.

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