RG3 wants his old job back… is he joking or insane? – Deadspin

Robert Griffin III tells Washington Football Team he wants back in at QB

Griffin reminiscing over himself highlights how delusional some people are about their standing within the realm in which they once dwelled. The post by RG3 on Twitter is from so long ago it is no longer even relevant. Griffin had one outstanding season, which was his rookie year, then injuries and ego hit, and he hit the wall soon after.

When last seen on an NFL roster, Griffin was in Baltimore as Lamar Jackson’s backup. Of course, backing up the bigger, stronger, faster, more durable version of himself, RGIII saw minimal action in the regular season. And even when he did play, there weren’t many signs of him still possessing the same big-play ability displayed in the Twitter clip he posted after Fitzpatrick’s injury.

Currently, Griffin is working as a football analyst for ESPN, and — barely a month into his new gig — he’s publicly lobbying for his old job in Washington. If The Football Team is interested in kicking the tires on RG3 (for some unknown reason), I’m sure the worldwide leader will kindly oblige his effort in getting back on the field. But I’m sure ESPN knows this pipe dream of his isn’t going much anywhere. So they don’t have much to worry about where this comeback attempt is concerned.

I would be absolutely shocked if the Washington Football Team picked up the phone to make that call to RG3. With other more viable options available, I just cannot see this reunion taking place at this time or any other. I don’t blame RG3 for wanting one last chance with the team that drafted him almost a decade ago. It just doesn’t seem like this NFL story is meant to have a happy ending.


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