Ron DeSantis reveals wife suffered a miscarriage before first child

  • Ron DeSantis told how he and his wife prayed ‘a lot’ for a family and were thrilled to conceive following a trip to Israel
  • But the pregnancy ended in loss and a ‘tough’ time for the couple
  • They ‘kept the faith’ and went on to conceive their first daughter Madison, followed by son Mason and third child Mamie 

Ron DeSantis has revealed his wife Casey suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage while trying for their first child.

The couple who have been together 13 years share three children together: Madison, seven, Mason, five, and Mamie, three.

The Florida Governor shared how he and his wife went on a visit to Israel while he was a U.S. congressman where they prayed ‘a lot’ at various pilgrimage sites for help conceiving.

They got pregnant following their return to the US but lost the baby a short time later, something the governor described as ‘tough’.

‘Unfortunately we lost the first baby,’ DeSantis said. ‘It was a tough thing because this was something we had so much hopes for, so much aspirations.’ 

Ron DeSantis revealed he and wife Casey suffered a devastating miscarriage prior to conceiving their first child

The presidential hopeful explained that the couple visited several religious sites prior to the first conception.

‘We literally went to Shiloh with Hannah’s Prayer. We went to Ruth’s tomb in Hebron, Ruth Chapter Four, Verse 13 and we prayed. We prayed a lot to have a family,’ he added.

Sadly the pregnancy was lost, and the couple struggled to come to terms with the loss.

‘We just kept the faith, we just kept praying. We knew that there would be a path that God would lead us on,’ he explained.

‘And lo and behold, a short time after, we did it and we had our first baby girl.’

DeSantis’ wife gave birth to their eldest child Madison in 2016, with the ‘happy and healthy’ baby weighing 7lb 7 ounces according to a proud post by DeSantis on Facebook at the time.

His comments came as he spoke at the Family Leader Foundation’s Thanksgiving Family Forum. 

The couple went on pilgrimage to Israel where they visited religious sites and prayed 'a lot' to have a family

DeSantis is a father to Madison, seven, Mason, five, and Mamie, three. Madison was conceived a 'short time' after the miscarriage

The couple tied the knot at Walt Disney World in 2009, an ironic choice given his later spat with the entertainment company after it weighed in against his 'Don't say gay' bill

He and his wife tied the knot at Walt Disney World in 2009, an ironic venue given his very public spat with the media conglomerate over its public opposition to his ‘don’t say gay’ censorship laws for schools. 

DeSantis’ press team has previously confirmed that he and his family are practicing Catholics however he has been fairly tightlipped about his denomination.

Instead his presidential bid has sought to appeal to the powerful evangelical voting bloc within the GOP.

Despite winning a landslide election in his state two years ago, DeSantis has struggled to get backing for his presidential bid.

Meanwhile the governor’s approval ratings have also slumped, with 41 percent of Floridians saying they ‘strongly disapprove’ of the way he is doing his job, according to a poll by Florida Atlantic University.

The decline was equivalent to around four percentage points in as many months, Politico reports. 

However, he received a boost in fellow candidate Nikki Haley’s home state after picking up 10 endorsements in South Carolina from former backers of Sen. Tim Scott’s presidential campaign, who unexpectedly pulled out of the race last week.


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