Sadiq Khan’s £1 billion Ulez blitz on the motorist begins TODAY

Sadiq Khan’s £1 billion blitz on the motorist begins as the unpopular Ulez expansion comes into force TODAY

Sadiq Khan’s billion-pound blitz on hard-up motorists begins today when the unpopular Ulez expansion comes into force.

The mayor is expected to rake in record revenues thanks to his onslaught on drivers – with the Ulez expansion set to add an extra £2.5million a day to cash-strapped City Hall coffers.

The move, effective from today, imposes a daily charge of £12.50 on certain vehicles entering the expanded ultra low emission zone which now covers all of Greater London

Mr Khan has resisted pressure from charities, Labour-supporting union bosses, and even Leader of the Opposition Sir Keir Starmer to delay or ditch altogether the expansion during the cost of living crisis.

He has steamed ahead despite an independent report commissioned by City Hall claiming the larger zone would have only a ‘negligible’ effect on reducing carbon emissions this year.

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Sadiq Khan's billion-pound blitz on hard-up motorists begins today when the unpopular Ulez expansion comes into force

Figures buried in the mayor’s budget for the year suggest the Ulez, when combined with the separate Low Emission Zone, and the central London Congestion Charge will generate £1.028billion for Transport for London.

The budget for the previous year was just £773.6million – an indication of the likely impact of extending the zone.

Susan Hall, the Tory candidate due to face Mr Khan in next year’s mayoral elections, described the expansion, which will see motorists with the highest-polluting cars shell out £12.50 or risk a £180 fine, as ‘nothing but a tax grab’.

Ms Hall said: ‘It will have a devastating impact on those who can least afford it. An overwhelming majority of Londoners, including senior figures in his own party, have told him to stop. It is a shame that Sadiq Khan would rather take millions from the poorest than admit he was wrong.’

She said she would scrap the expansion on her first day in office, if elected.

Transport Secretary Mark Harper said: ‘Sadiq Khan’s decision to expand the Ulez, backed by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, is the latest salvo in Labour’s war on motorists.

Susan Hall, the Tory candidate due to face Mr Khan in next year's mayoral elections, described the expansion as 'nothing but a tax grab'


How do I know if I’ve driven in the expanded Ulez?

The zone runs all day, every day, except December 25. Anywhere within a London borough is now covered. Signs will mark where it begins, and TfL’s website has a postcode checker, as a well a number plate checker to see if your vehicle is exempt.

How do I pay?

Drivers of non-compliant vehicles regularly entering the Ulez have been urged to sign up to an account on TfL’s website. They will automatically be charged £12.50 if they enter the zone. One-off payments can be made up to midnight at the end of the third day after the journey.

What are the fines?

Failure to pay the daily fee can lead to a penalty notice of £180, reduced to £90 if paid within 14 days.

Can I challenge it?

Yes. TfL says there is a 28-day window from the date the penalty is served to do so.

Are there exemptions?

Self-employed workers may be able to claim back the fee on their tax return if the journey was deemed ‘an exceptional trip solely for business’.


‘The realities of Labour politicians in positions of power are ideological policies that hit hardworking motorists hard. It’s nothing more than a Labour mayor’s money grab.’

Steve Tuckwell, the new Conservative MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip whose west London seat is affected by the levy, said his recent by-election victory was proof of constituents rejecting the Ulez expansion.

He said: ‘Londoners sent mayor Sadiq Khan a clear message – halt your Ulez expansion.

‘My residents, and countless others across London, cannot go on being ignored by the Labour Party, who are making the political choice to expand Ulez, saddling families and businesses with up to £4,500 a year – a tax on carers, parents, patients, sole traders and all hard-working Londoners. I’m telling Sadiq Khan, scrap your Ulez expansion, or Londoners will show him the door next year.’

Mr Khan said last year that he thought the expansion could generate a net income of around £200million.

However, City Hall officials have admitted there will be no net revenue from the Ulez after 2027, with motorists switching to green vehicles, avoiding London, or giving up their cars completely.

Just one in four (25 per cent) of 1,175 UK adults said they supported the idea of a similar ultra low emission zone in their area.

The People Polling survey for GB News found more than half (54 per cent) were opposed. 

One-fifth said they did not know, or preferred not to say. Mr Khan introduced the Ulez in April 2019, and then increased it further to cover everywhere between the North and South Circular roads in 2021. 

Today’s expansion covers all of Greater London and an additional five million people.

Five Conservative-led councils on the outskirts of the scheme took the mayor to court in an effort to stop it.

But the High Court subsequently ruled the mayor’s legal basis for expansion was sound. 

The Government briefly looked into whether it could block the rollout, but discovered it did not have the power to do so. 

Civilians have taken matters into their own hands, by removing, covering up, or vandalising cameras used to enforce the Ulez.

TfL said nine out of ten cars and around eight in ten vans seen driving in outer London on an average day are already compliant. 

It said motorists who drive non-compliant vehicles across the expanded Ulez network may initially get a warning letter rather than a penalty notice.

It added that the Ulez is ‘not about making money, but about improving the health and wellbeing of millions of Londoners’. It said all money raised was ‘reinvested into walking, cycling and public transport’.


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