Sam Altman shoots down reports of search engine launch ahead of Google I/O


It’s not GPT-5 or a search engine but a secret third thing.

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Photo collage of Sam Altman in front of the OpenAI logo.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman shot down a Reuters report that claims OpenAI is launching a search product next Monday, the day before Google’s flagship conference, Google I/O.

Altman posted on X that while there is an OpenAI announcement set for Monday morning, it’s “not gpt-5, not a search engine,” but whatever it is, he says it “feels like magic.” The only details provided by the official OpenAI post are that the launch will have updates on ChatGPT and its latest model, GPT-4.

The Verge reported on Monday that sources say OpenAI has been aggressively trying to poach Google employees for a team that is working hard to ship the product soon, while Bloomberg and The Information have both reported about a search product in development with no fixed launch date.

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