Samsung Has New Price Offer Promotion For Galaxy S24 Phone Buyers

Samsung’s latest phones, the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra, are accomplished and effective handsets. If you have been put off buying one because of the price, things just got a little better. In the U.K., and the U.S., Samsung has promotions which mean you can trade in your old phone to get money off. Trade-ins are nothing new, but there’s something special about this. Let’s start with the U.K.

Samsung U.K. Trade-In Offers

You can use any phone, providing it’s a smartphone, in any condition, to cut $126 (£100) off the purchase price of the new device. And when I say any condition, that means that if it has a broken display or the battery lasts just a couple of hours, it still qualifies.

You can save a lot more. The website says “Save up to £370” and guides you through different brands of phones from Samsung to Apple, Google to Huawei and more.

If you have a Google Pixel 7 Pro, then the discount is £270, an Apple iPhone 14 earns £300 off and a Samsung Galaxy S23 gets £320 off. These are significant price cuts.

But in the middle of the list are the words, “Guaranteed Trade In—Any Device.”

It works like this: once you’ve found out what your device is worth, you apply for the discount when you purchase, entering the IMEI number and current condition.

Once you’ve purchased the phone, you wipe the old one, remove a SIM card and send it back to Samsung in supplied freepost packaging within seven days.

The small print says this: “£100 based on any smartphone, in any condition. Purchased phone will be blocked if you don’t send us your Trade In device. T&Cs apply.” U.K. offers are found at

Samsung U.S. Trade-In Offers

There are trade-in deals to be had in the U.S., too, and some of the trade-in values are even more tempting. A Galaxy S23 Ultra, for instance, would usually attract $450 off the purchase price of a new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, for instance. Right now, that discount has increased by $300 to a whopping $750. A Galaxy Z Fold5 would previously have got you $500 knocked off the price of the new Ultra: now that’s $750 off, too.

If you’ve decided to make the move from Apple to Samsung, you can save $750 off a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra if you trade in an iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max—previously the money off would have been $520 and $540 respectively.

And any smartphone from another Android brand snags a $100 discount. In the States, Samsung specifies good condition (unlike the any-condition deal the Brits get). Good condition mens the device turns on and the screen works normally, the charging port works and the battery holds a charge, there are no cracks in the front, back, screen or camera lenses, activation locks are disabled, accounts are removed and the phone is factory reset. Oh, and it can’t be on a banned list.

These are specific requirements, but the discounts available are pretty intense.

U.S. deals are available from

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