Save 53% on Tommy Hilfiger Lightz white sneakers on Amazon – now $26

Need some new white sneakers? Fashion lovers are obsessed with this chic Tommy Hilfiger pair that start at just $26 on Amazon – that’s less than half price!

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A good pair of white sneakers is a closet hero, pairing effortlessly with shorts, dresses and skirts.

And if you want to up your sneaker game and have a designer pair to add a touch of glamor as well as comfort, the Tommy Hilfiger Lightz start at $26 on Amazon right now – that’s a 56 per cent saving.

Tommy Hilfiger Lightz White Sneakers 

These are soft, comfortable and supportive enough for all day-wear as well as effortlessly cool.

They feature just the right amount of branding to make them look deceptively expensive while being an option that looks great with skirts, dresses, chinos or shorts. 

$26.15 (was $60)  Shop

Whether you’re headed for a smart occasion or just running errands, you can count on these classy kicks to elevate your style game while keeping you light on your feet and ready for anything.

With their low-cut profile and clean, streamlined shape, the Lightz pair well with everything from jeans to dresses. Ranging from $26 to $33, depending on the size, is the lowest price they’ve ever been on sale so you won’t find a better deal anywhere else.

The Tommy Hilfiger white sneakers are well-made, durable and easy to clean and keep white so you could have several seasons out of the $26 investment

Featuring the Hilfiger striped brand logo on one side and ‘Hilfiger’ printed on the back footbed and the sole, they’ll make an average pair of jeans or shorts look instantly more expensive. Absolutely nobody has to know that you got them while they were on sale. 

Just in case you’re skeptical about why a designer pair of sneakers is so affordable, there are thousands of five star reviewers on Amazon, vouching that they’re genuine and that they were a good fashion investment.

The Tommy Hilfiger Lightz sneakers have subtle branduing such as the Hilfiger name at the base of the footbed

Elevate all your footsteps with the Hilfiger name printed on the soles of these white sneakers

‘These are the best pair of white sneakers ever,’ praised one shopper who rated them a full five stars. ‘They’re really comfortable and easy to clean (as they have to be clean quite often but as every white sneaker). You can wear these all day and they still feel and look great.’

Another added: ‘Loved these Tommy Hilfiger sneakers. They looks so good with jeans or shorts or even a dress. You can make it look fancy for a night out or look classy. Loved how they fit!’

Available in women’s sizes 5 through to 12 and in several half-sizes in between, both petite and larger options are reduced by a minimum of 43 per cent and a maximum of 56 per cent.

Make sure to be fast to look at what deals are available in your size on Amazon now because such a mega deal could see them sell out fast.


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