Savvy mother shares unusual method to dry clothes without a dryer

An innovative mother has wowed Facebook users after sharing her unusual method for drying clothes. 

While those with a tumble dryer have little to worry about, many Brits are forced to hang garments on a clothes-horse at home… and resist the urge to put damp clothes on the radiator. 

Now one savvy woman has shared her clever hack that means you can avoid having wet clothes in the house, and it may even save on heating bills. 

An innovative mother shared her unusual method of drying clothes to an extreme bargains Facebook group - and all you need is a pop-up greenhouse

Anyone with a small outdoor space can try the method, which simply requires you to buy a small pop-up greenhouse. 

Posting to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, the woman shared a picture of her tent-like greenhouse. 

She said:  ‘Thought I would share my clothes drying hack. Not for everyone but works for us. A £46 plastic greenhouse. We don’t have room for large airers indoors and also not ideal to have wet washing around due to having asthmatic children.’

The woman had positioned her clothes rack within the plastic greenhouse, away from the harsh UK weather. 

She explained: ‘We only have storage heaters so can’t dry clothes on them either. Come the spring I will use the greenhouse for its proper purpose and grow plants with my children.’ 

Homeowners can purchase pop-up greenhouses on Amazon for as little as £14.99, or head to home stores to buy one in person

The technique has proved popular, and homeowners across the UK have praised the woman for the affordable trick. 

One person wrote: ‘This is a fantastic idea! I don’t have a garden, but I do have an enclosed balcony that I dry washing on, usually with the aid of a dehumidifier.’ 

Another impressed Facebooker added: ‘If I get a smaller greenhouse I can pop it over the airer and dehumidifier and it should dry quicker too, saving more on the cost of the dehumidifier. I’m super happy you posted as it’s not something I’d have thought of.’ 

Homeowners won’t have to break the bank with this technique, as there are plenty of affordable plastic greenhouses available to be purchased in-store or online. 

Savvy saver can buy their pop-up greenhouses are sold on Amazon for as little as £14.99. 


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