Savvy woman’s effortless tip prevents plastic tubs from staining

After storing leftovers in reusable containers, the plastic is left with a grimy orange stain forever – no matter how hard you scrub. 

The grease marks can make your kitchen items look dirty even when they’re not – and sometimes, not even the highest dishwasher setting can save them.

However, a British woman has now revealed her clever cleaning hack for preventing pesky grease stains on plastic tubs, which requires minimal effort.

The video by Ayni, who goes by @ayni_home on TikTok, has been seen by more than 1.2 million people.

She showed off hack alongside the audio clip: ‘Show me the life hack that you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life’.

The grease marks make your kitchen items look dirty even when they're not and a lot of the time, not even the highest dishwasher setting can save them

In the TikTok, she showed viewers a reusable container that she’d just eaten out of, which was covered in grease.

Anyi placed a sheet of kitchen roll in the the tub, added four squirts of washing up liquid and then filled the it up with warm water.

She then secured the lid on the top and gave it a good shake to allow the soapy water to foam up inside.

Then, she emptied out the mixture and rinsed the remaining suds out with water.

She told viewers ‘Quick wash and rinse and it’s done – no orange stains!’

Ayni ended the video by showing off the squeaky clean tub.

However, the TikToker did clarify that this is best used to prevent staining, rather than to remove stains that already exist.

One user commented ‘I love this and do this all the time. you can skip the tissue and you will still get the same results’.

She told viewers 'Quick wash and rinse and it's done - no orange stains,' before showing off the squeaky clean tub

Another added ‘it works without the paper towels too’ and the cleaning pro replied ‘If it’s very greasy I find it works better with the paper towels’. 

Viewers praised the hack, adding ‘It’s insane how well this works’ and What an amazing hack’.

Others said ‘always been doing this!!! best hack I’ve ever seen’ and ‘this works tried it so many times’.

Someone else questioned ‘Why have I only just seen this,’ and the TikToker responded ‘You’ll never not do this now, I saw it years ago and it’s a must’. 

However, some viewers argued that plastic tubs should be a thing of the past, writing, ‘Don’t understand why people still use plastic tupperware for hot food. Microwaving that is not healthy for long term. Glass containers should be used’.

Other commented ‘This is why glass containers are better to buy and not the plastic ones’ and ‘The best hack would be to throw that container into the bin’.

It comes after professional cleaners revealed the five items you should never put in your home in the first place,  as they attract dirt.

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