Serial killer insists his victims didn’t suffer when he strangled them

  • Spahalski is serving a 100-year sentence for murdering four victims
  • The serial killer is remorseless in The Killer Interview with Piers Morgan
  • In a clip shared with, he says he still has homicidal thoughts

Convicted serial killer Robert Spahalski has defended his heinous murders, insisting in a chilling new interview that they didn’t suffer when he strangled or bludgeoned them to death.

Spahalski is serving 100 years behind bars for murdering four people whom he either knew or had a relationship with – and managed to outrun the law for 15 years until he turned himself in to police in 2005.

In an exclusive first look teaser of Morgan’s latest series of The Killer Interview with Piers Morgan – which is set to return on September 12 to Fox Nation – the sick killer is grilled about his merciless crimes but shows zero sign of remorse for his heinous actions.

Morgan was given one hour to speak to Spahalski, who was described by law enforcement agents as a ‘psychotic, soulless human being’.

Serial killer Robert Spahalski insists his victims didn't suffer when he strangled or bludgeoned them to death

He is grilled by Piers Morgan about his murders in the latest chapter of his Fox Nation series

Speaking during their head-to-head, the coldblooded killer insisted: ‘The people that I did kill, they didn’t suffer.’

A perplexed Morgan responded, ‘How can I believe you?’ prompting a blunt Spahalaski to say: ‘I don’t care if you do, or you don’t.’

Elsewhere in their interview, Morgan asked whether he still has ‘homicidal urges’.

Answering the question, Spahalski initially said that he ‘never’ does, but quickly warned: ‘If you push my trigger, you’re done.’

‘What you’re saying is, if I press the wrong trigger with you in this interview, you might feel homicidal?’ Morgan quizzed.

Spahalski replied: ‘Absolutely.’

Spahalski’s killing spree began on New Year’s Eve 1990, when he strangled his neighbor Morraine Armstrong – although he now denies playing any part in her death, despite confessing to it when he turned himself in.

In 1991, he killed his girlfriend, Adrian Berger in a ‘compulsive’ act, before also killing his sexual partner, Charles Grande, with two strikes of a hammer.

Spahalski managed to outrun the law for 15 years until he turned himself in to police in 2005

He is serving 100 years for his crimes, which were carried out in the state of New York

The killer murdered his own girlfriend, Adrian Berger in a 'compulsive' act in 1991

That same year, Spahalski murdered his sexual partner, Charles Grande, whom he had met through his years as a male escort

His last victim was Vivian Irrizarry, who was murdered during a crack cocaine binge

In 2005, he bludgeoned his girlfriend’s best friend Vivian Irrizarry during a crack cocaine binge before completing the act by strangling her.

Days after he killed Irrizary, Spahalski confessed to crimes that had been unsolved for a decade and a half.

‘Robert Spahalski is a serial killer unlike any I’ve met before,’ Morgan said. ‘His crimes made him notorious.’

‘I’m told Spahalski can be volatile, but he’s also unique,’ the presenter added, referring to the killer’s habit of taking the lives of friends and loved ones. 

The killer admitted to Morgan that he still has 'homicidal thoughts' and warned he could be triggered

Morgan returns with eight new interviews with some of the most notorious serial killers

Morgan’s new Fox series comprises of eight episodes and will see him come face to face with killer nurse Kimberly Saenz and murderers Karl Karlsen, Matt Baker, Christopher Porco, and Daniel Pelosi.

Speaking ahead of the show’s release, Morgan said: ‘I’ve interviewed thousands of people from all walks of life including presidents, prime ministers, pop superstars, business tycoons and movie legends.

‘But for me as a journalist, there is nothing more compelling than sitting face-to-face with some of the most dangerous killers in the world to hold them directly to account for their crimes.

‘This series is a fascinating collection of very varied and explosive interviews that I’m sure will leave viewers debating with family and friends as to the subject’s guilt or otherwise and give a gripping insight into the murderers’ mindset and motivation for doing what they did.’


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