Shocking moment tradie throws a wheelie bin in wild road rage attack

Absurd road rage brawl breaks out between tradie and motorbike rider in Welshpool, Perth: Wheelie bin is thrown, hi-vis wearing driver arms himself with a hammer  

A fired-up motorcyclist and two tradies have come to blows in a violent road rage incident after almost colliding minutes earlier on a busy Perth road. 

In footage of the tense altercation two men are seen climbing out of a Toyota sedan and confronting the motorbike rider in Welshpool, in the city’s southeast. 

Traffic was brought to a standstill on Tuesday after the driver of the sedan and the rider started throwing punches in the middle of Orrong Road at about 4pm. 

One of the tradies in yellow high-vis is seen grabbing a hammer from the boot of the sedan and threatening the motorcyclist, who is still wearing his gloves and helmet. 

The same tradie then runs to the pavement to retrieve a large wheelie bin before launching it at the rider’s head, who miraculously remains upright. 

The rider then lands a series of blows, knocking one of the tradies over, before turning to the Toyota sedan and punching the drivers-side window several times. 

Several onlookers are seen leaving their own cars to try and break up the brawl. 

A tradie in yellow high-vis grabbed a wheelie bin and hurled it at the motorcyclist (pictured)

The same tradie was captured grabbing a hammer out of the boot of the white sedan (pictured)

Western Australian Police said officers were investigating a road rage incident that occurred on Orrong Road in Welshpool on Tuesday. 

‘About 4pm, a motorcyclist and driver of a vehicle became involved in a physical altercation after an earlier near-collision,’ a spokesperson said. 

‘The physical altercation continued between the two before a male passenger from the vehicle armed himself with a hammer and threatened the motorcyclist.

‘The male driver and passenger then left the scene in the vehicle.’

Police said the motorcyclist received minor injuries during the altercation.  

The motorcyclist received minor injuries.

Inquiries remain ongoing at this time with anyone with information asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


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