Shoppers disgusted as Greggs opens in a Leeds Primark

Britons have been left stunned after learning a Greggs has opened in a Primark store in Leeds. 

One anonymous Reddit user took to the Britain forum to reveal they were amazed to see the bakery had opened in the store, captioning a photograph of the shop: ‘What a beautiful sight.’

They commented: ‘Peak Britain. Here’s a Greggs in this Primark in Leeds.’

However several other users were left unimpressed by the establishment – with one questioning: ‘Would the clothes not smell of sausage rolls?’.

Meanwhile another snidely remarked: ‘Nothing goes together better than brand new clothes and greasy fingers’.

One anonymous Reddit user took to the Britain forum to reveal they were amazed to see the bakery had opened in the store, captioning a photograph of the shop: 'What a beautiful sight'

The Tasty by Greggs cafe in Leeds is actually the sixth of it’s kind to open – while there are also bakeries in Primark’s Birmingham, Oxford Street East, Newcastle, Bristol and Liverpool.

It offers a menu of Greggs classics including sausage rolls, bakes, sweet treats and Fairtrade freshly ground coffee. 

Customers can also order Greggs’ new range of iced drinks, including Cloudy Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Refresher, Iced Chocolate and Iced Mocha. 

But it seemed many Reddit users weren’t impressed by the bakery and shop combination. 

One commented on the effect of the expected food smells on the business: ‘Yeah I thought we learnt that lesson with BHS… to this day clothes smelling of oily cooking smells make me want to chuck up’.

And another chimed in: ‘Awesome quality wear with individual greasy fingerprints…as you wonder why you smell of sausage rolls’.

One user was sympathetic to the plight of Primark staff working in this store: ‘No fun for Primark staff, greasy finger marks and crumbs everywhere’.

The same Redditor explained: ‘Always thought a café in a shop notorious for bad shoppers is a silly move’.

And a repulsed Redditor strongly deemed it: ‘The worst bakery in the UK, inside the worst shop in the UK, how can we not be proud Englishmen?’.

Others poked fun at other budget brands: ‘Just need an Iceland and a B&M’. 

Meanwhile others didn’t hesitate to accuse the nation’s favourite bakery of falling prey to Primark’s chaos.

One user said: ‘I wonder if their products will be all over the floor like their host shop?’

A more positive user described the decision as ‘class’, and another was in awe of the bakery’s business model when they acknowledged: ‘You could install a Greggs anywhere and make bank’.

And some weren’t so startled by the two giants’ collaboration – one user commented that a Primark in ‘Birmingham has a barber and a vintage clothes shop as well. It’s like it’s own little Primark universe’.

And it’s not Greggs and Primark’s first collaboration which has caused a sensation online. 

The high street giants previously came together to release an expansive clothing collection. 

Released in June 2022, the 21-piece Greggs x Primark collection includes £6 slingback clogs, a £5 tote bag and even £9 men’s underpants.  

It followed the sell-out success of the fashion giant and bakery chain’s first-of-its-kind limited edition 11-piece collection, which was launched back in early February and sold out within days, only to appear on eBay for seven times the price. 

The hype around the eccentric collection was so hugely popular that in places such as Newcastle and Hull, shoppers queued around the street and wiped the aisles clean within 24 hours.


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