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The pop-off is real in Super Smash Bros. 

Super Smash Bros. Melee champion Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma is known for his excessive celebrating after an especially intense match. Seriously, is there a more memorable Smash moment than EVO 2016, when Hungrybox was in tears on the ground after defeating Adam “Armada” Lindgren?

Well, Hungrybox might have outdone himself this time. Last night, Hungrybox popped off so hard that he ended up fainting for about 10 seconds. It was such a shocking and concerning moment caught on webcam that it may become one of the most talked-about pop-offs of all time. 

Hungrybox shared the moment on Twitter, telling his followers that he was going to the doctor to see if he’s okay. Even though the internet has already been having a field day mocking such a meme-able moment, fainting is no laughing matter. 

Hungrybox explains pop-off fainting incident

Hungrybox released a video discussing the concerning incident the following night. He recounted the intense six-hour stream of him climbing to the grand finals of Eastcoast Fridays, a weekly online Melee tournament with some big names. 

“I’m sweaty, I’m tired. But I’m also hyper-focused. I decided I want this bounty more than anything else in my life at that point,” Hungrybox recalled. “I started playing some of the best online Melee I ever had.” 

Hungrybox admitted that he often yells pretty loud when he wins. “That’s just who I am,” he said, noting that he wears his heart on his sleeve. But the screaming always makes him a bit light-headed. 

This time was a bit different, however. His vision and his head “went light.” He said there was a cloud in his head and he got really dizzy, similar to having intense motion sickness. It was stronger than any other time he popped off, leading to him fainting for the first time ever. 

“It was a bizarre experience,” Hungrybox said. 

Hungrybox also added that he’s totally fine. It was most likely a lack of food and hydration rather than a serious health condition. Maybe it isn’t the best decision to pop-off so excitedly after streaming for more than eight hours. Still, it’s a relief for his fans. 

This isn’t the first time that Hungrybox has encountered a health problem.

Before EVO 2018, Hungrybox announced a serious wrist injury on his Twitter. After coming in second at a local, Hungrybox experienced a sharp pain in his wrist that shot down his arm. 

“First the broken finger, then food poisoning, then the flu, now whatever this is,” Hungrybox tweeted. 

Some of the responses to Hungrybox’s wrist injury are part of the reason the Smash community was seen as toxic for so many years. Many people celebrated the Melee God’s health concerns, seemingly satisfied that he wouldn’t be able to compete to his full potential. 

The bullying became too much for Hungrybox at the time. He tweeted that he’s been getting shit on by the community for 12 years. This included being mocked by his “peers, competitors” and even “community figureheads” each day. 

“Like what’s the point anymore,” Hungrybox wondered at the time. 

While the Smash community has cleaned up its act recently, it hasn’t stopped people from making fun of Hungrybox for his latest health episode. A lot of people joked that Hungrybox “popped off with a rest,” referencing one of his clutch moves with Jigglypuff. Remixes of the video are also starting to pop up on Twitter. 

Joseph “Mang0” Marquez even responded: “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Even though Hungrybox has welcomed the entertainment for now, his fans are hoping that everything is okay health-wise with the top Melee competitor. The Smash community is currently waiting for an update from Hungrybox’s doctor visit. 


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