Sydney woman baffled by strange button in her new rental home

An Australian renter was left scratching her head over a mysterious feature in her new home – before its true function was revealed. 

The Sydney woman woman moved into a new rental home and noticed a strange red button on her wall so appealed to social media for answers. 

Many shared their guesses before it was revealed the gadget would trigger a panic alarm activated by hitting the red button and deactivated by turning a key. 

‘We just moved into a new rental. Does anyone know what this is?’ the woman wrote in a post on Facebook. 

Screwed to the wall in her new home was a grey box with a big red button and a keyhole with a concealed wire running down to the floor. 

A Sydney woman was scratching her head over a mysterious item screwed to the wall in her new home before people on Facebook revealed it to be a panic button

Dozens shared their guesses as one joked: ‘Press it. The bed tips up and you fall through the floor into a chair below the kitchen’. 

‘Butler service,’ another suggested. 

Some thought their curiosity would get the better of them with one saying ‘Press it and see’.

More guesses were thrown out before some came through with the true answer. 

‘I think it’s an emergency alarm button. My parents have one near their bed. Do you have an alarm system?’ one user asked to which the woman responded: ‘I think there is one, yes!’.

‘It’s an alarm button. Used to have one that looked exactly the same at my old house. Push the button to activate the alarm. Turn the key to deactivate the alarm.’

The panic button can be used to quickly call emergency services and is often installed in nursing homes or in houses where elderly people, children or sick patients are being cared for.

The button is also an anti-theft device placed in jewellery stores or banks in case of a robbery to alert authorities. 


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