Sylvester Stallone and his family are bombarded by fans while shopping

Sylvester Stallone and wife Jennifer Flavin enjoy shopping spree with three daughters in Italy… and draw massive crowd of fans eager to spot Rocky

Any ideas Sylvester Stallone may have had of a quiet time sightseeing and shopping with his family in Rome, Italy ended soon after the first of many people recognized him on the street.

On Wednesday, the Hollywood legend stepped out to soak in the sights with his wife Jennifer Flavin and their daughters Sophie, Scarlett and Sistine as part of their late-summer vacation.

And it didn’t take long before fans started to gather around them, causing quite the commotion, as they tried to walk from one street to the next browsing at storefronts.

The family of five seemed to focus on the fashion district of The Eternal City, and in particular the famed fashion triangle, which is known for its boutiques and shops full of clothing in and around the historic center.

At one point in the afternoon Stallone and his family were swarmed by fans and had to be escorted their way through the growing crowd, which was partly documented in a video posted on his Instagram page.

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Shopping spree: Sylvester Stallone, 77, and wife Jennifer Flavin, 55, were all smiles during a day of shopping and sightseeing in Rome, Italy that began quietly but eventually turned into a massive crowd looking to get a look and photo of the Hollywood legend

The Rocky star, 77, looked lean and fit dressed casually in fitted blue jeans, a black t-shirt and matching sneakers.

He also donned cool dark sunglasses a good deal of is time out in public, and had his salt and pepper hair cut short, over the ears, and styled back off his face, would

For the most part, Flavin, 55, was by her husband’s side looking stylish in tight white pants that she wore with a white top and an off-white blazer.

Rounding out her overall look, the former model wore sandals, dark sunglasses, and and had her lightened locks pulled back off her face and into a ponytail, with the exception of a few strands of hair she left dangling around the frame of her face.

During their shopping spree Flavin and her girls spent a nice chunk of time checking out the various high-end purses and bags.

But eventually they would make their way back out to the streets where a small group of fans had grown to a massive crowd looking to get a look and photo of the legendary actor.

A video posted on Instagram showed the couple, including his brother Frank Stallone, getting an escort through the lines of people yelling and screaming while snapping away photos and videos.

‘A quiet afternoon of shopping with the family,’ the Rambo star joked in the caption , before adding, ‘Love the fans love this country.’

Browsing: The couple and their daughters Sophia, 27, Sistine, 25, and Scarlet, 21, seem to gravitate to an area that showcased purses and other high-end bags

Lovebirds: For the most part, Flavin stayed by her husband's side while out shopping

Time out: The Rambo legend seemed to take a time out while the ladies of the family browsed t the many high-end fashion pieces on display

On a mission: Stallone did his best to stay out of the way and let the ladies of his family shop

Shopping spree: By the time they had reached the purse section of the store, the sisters had already made a purchase or two

Rock-solid: The Rocky star looked fit and trim dressed casually in blue jeans and a black t-shirt and sneakers, while his

Stylin': Flavin look stylish and fashionable in white pants and top with an off-white blazer

Sweet: The couple packed on the PDA with the occasional loving touch and walking arm-in-arm through the stores and again out on the streets

At a certain point in the clip, the camera turns away from Stallone and towards the crowd that continued to grow in each direction of the fashion district.

Despite all the mayhem, it didn’t seem to bother Stallone and Flavin, who both had smiles on their faces as they were being led past all the adoring fans and on to their next destination.

The visit to Rome appears to be part business and pleasure for the Stallones, who on certain days had cameras of their own following them as part of the shoot for The Family Stallone.

It appears any of the new footage from their Italian getaway will be part of the second season of their reality show that focuses on the couple and their adult daughters Sophia, 27, Sistine, 25, and Scarlet, 21.

Mob scene: Eventually the small crowd who had noticed Stallone had turned into a massive crowd who trying to get a photo of the Hollywood legend

Sense of humor: Stallone joked about it being a 'quiet afternoon of shopping with the family' when he posted a video of the crowd scene that gathered around him and his family that included brother Frank Stallone

Mass of humanity: The video was turned around to show how the crowd had continued to grow in each direction of the fashion district

Crowd control: Security escorted the Stallones through the growing crowd of fans; they never seemed to be bother from the looks of the smiles on their faces

Spreading the word: The crowd of fans continued to grow by the second as word circulated that the movie star and his family were there shopping

The Family Stallone premiere don Paramount+ on May 17, and within a week of hits debut got the greenlit for season number two.

Just days earlier, Stallone, his wife, three daughters, and brother Frank had the honor of meeting Pope Francis during a trip to The Vatican.

During the visit Stallone discovered, to his surprise, that the Pontiff has been a fan of his for many years, according to Deadline.

The meeting with the Pontiff was captured in a video that was shared on social media by Vatican News.

The clip shows a smiling Pope telling Stallone that he was he was a longtime fan. 

Major moment: Stallone joked with Pope Francis during their meeting at The Vatican on Friday September 8

Fans: The Pontiff revealed to Stallone that he has long been a fan of his work in Hollywood

Monumental: Stallone's three daughters Sophia, 27, Sistine, 25, and Scarlet, 21, were also on hand to meet to meet the Pontiff at The Vatican

Milestone meeting: Stallone also took a photo of his wife and daughters inside Vatican City

Stallone began the meeting, saying: ‘Well, thank you very much for taking time from your busy day. We appreciate this very much.’

The Pope replied, ‘I am honored. We grew up with your films.’ 

Clearly taken aback by the revelation, the action hero replied, ‘Well I’m honored, too,’ before raising his fists and air-pumping, saying: ‘Ready? We box.’

The Pope added to the joke by throwing a fake jab, which clearly caught everyone by surprise. 

The group later assembled for a photo that would also be shared on Vatican News.   

‘He knocked me cold!’ Stallone captioned the four photos he posted on his Instagram page. ‘What a fantastic day with the family.’


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