Taylor Swift keeps a low profile as she heads into studio in NYC

Taylor Swift keeps a low profile in a black tank top and baseball cap as she heads back into a recording studio in New York City

She’s been wowing fans across the US in recent weeks as part of her blockbuster Eras Tour.

But Taylor Swift looked as if she might be ready to add some new music to her repertoire when she was seen heading to a recording studio on Tuesday.

The 33-year-old music superstar rocked a low-key ensemble as she was spotted arriving at the building in New York City.

The return to the studio comes as her upcoming concert film documenting her Eras Tour’s Los Angeles stops is already shaking up the theatrical distribution schedule for its October 13 release.

Taylor showcased her toned arm and svelte figure during her outing in the Big Apple with a low-cut black tank top, which she contrasted with a set of loose-fitting navy blue cargo pants.

Back at it: Taylor Swift, 33, was seen returning to a recording studio in New York City on Tuesday while rocking a low-key ensemble

Taylor matched her outfit with a pair of thick-soled boots, and she carried a brown croissant-shaped handbag slung over one shoulders.

Her long blond locks were tied up in playful braided pigtails framing her modestly made-up face, and she covered up with a beige corduroy Ralph Lauren baseball cap.

The 1989 singer’s return to the studio came around the same time as her her short-lived romantic prospect Matty Healy of The 1975 appeared to have moved on with a new lady.

The rocker was seen showing off plenty of PDA with the tattooed model Gabbriette Bechtel while they were also out in New York City on Tuesday.

Taylor and Matty head been friends and mutual admirers going back to 2014, and he indicated their working relationship had further developed in late 2022 when he revealed that he had done work on a Midnights track that ultimately went unreleased.

But the two appeared to develop a romantic collaboration later in 2023 — following her split from boyfriend Joe Alwyn — when Matty was seen attending several of her concerts for her successful Eras Tour.

In May, the two were spotted holding hands, but buzz about their apparent romance turned sour after her fans revisited seemingly offensive remarks he had made in the past.

The apparently casual romance fizzled out by June when they were said to have broken up.

Under the radar: She wore a low-cut black tank top with baggy navy blue pants and chunky dark boots

Covered up: She had a brown croissant-shaped handbag under her arm and covered her blond hair and braided pigtails with a beige corduroy Ralph Lauren cap

Addressing: Olivia Rodrigo, 20, revealed that she was 'very surprised' that fans guessed her hit track, Vampire, was written about about a rumored Taylor Swift feud; seen in July in L.A.

Shortly before Taylor headed to the studio, another apparent friend — Olivia Rodrigo — gave a half-hearted denial after fans though her song Vampire referenced her rumored feud with Taylor.

When she was asked about the rumors by The Guardian, the singer initially responded, ‘How do I answer this?’ and continued, ‘I mean, I never want to say who any of my songs are about.’ 

She added, ‘I’ve never done that before in my career and probably won’t. I think it’s better to not pigeonhole a song to being about this one thing. I was very surprised when people thought that.’

However, the answer notably lacked any explicit denial that Taylor was the subject of Vampire.

Fans of the two singers have speculated that they may have had a falling out after Olivia was forced to credit Taylor as a songwriter on Deja Vu and to therefore give her royalties after appearing to lift a melody from her song Cruel Summer.

Rodrigo previously credited Swift on another song on her debut album for interpolating one of her melodies, and she did the same with Paramore on a third song, though it’s unclear if she always intended to credit the other artists or was forced to after the fact to avoid legal issues.

After selling out stadiums across the US — with plans for major international tour stops upcoming — Taylor will soon be selling out cinemas as well.

The singer announced recently that she will be putting out a concert film shot on her ongoing tour, and now several exhibition sources have told The Hollywood Reporter that they believe her film could be a major hit at a time when cinemas and multiplexes are desperate to get people to return.

According to the sources, her film could gross over $100 million from its US and Canada screenings, which will begin on October 13 and last for several weeks at least. 

Big news: After Taylor announced a concert film of her Eras Tour, exhibition sources told The Hollywood Reporter that it could potentially gross over $100M in the US and Canada; seen July 8 in Kansas City, Missouri

They wouldn’t even rule out the Shake It Off singer grossing over $150 million in North America, based on the outstanding interest and impressive presales. 

Theater owners are likely breathing a sigh of relief as prolonged intransigence from the AMPTP, which represents major studios and streamers, has delayed new contract negotiations with both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA unions, which represent writers and actors, respectively.

The unions are fighting for better compensation, as well as to prevent studios from replacing writers or actors with AI and to force them to reveal their streaming numbers in order to craft a more equitable system for awarding residuals.

The Taylor Swift doc is being distributed by the AMC theater chain, even though it will presumably be available at all theaters, marking a major feather in the cap of the chain, which has struggled in recent years.


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