Teen’s secret room under the stairs wow hundreds

A mum has wowed hundreds with the craft room she created in the nook under her stairs for her teenage daughter. 

The creative home stylist had converted the cupboard under the stairs into an art room for her now-13-year-old and gave it a stunning update as her daughter is studying writing, animation and gaming. 

The room is decked out with art supplies like coloured pens, paints and notebooks and decorated with soft toys and figurines. 

Beforehand, the art room had plywood shelves and a desk with supplies and chalkboards on the walls while the ceiling featured colourful paper cranes.

The mum gave the room a more grown-up look with a sleek black, white and grey colour palette, a terrazzo benchtop and shelves as well as a computer mounted to the wall. 

A mum has created a stunning art room for her daughter in the nook under her stairs impressing hundreds online

She has converted the room previously but gave it a much-needed update as her daughter enters her teenage years

She decorated the space with polaroid photographs hung up using a flexible curtain wire and curtain clips from Ikea and a collection of soft toys and figurines. 

The pens and markers were cleverly stored standing upright on a shelf with foam and there was even room for extra storage. 

Supplies were stored in shelves and containers around the mounted computer monitor on a peg board from Ikea’s Skadis range. 

She used adhesive vinyl on the desk and shelves, picture rails, storage containers and notebooks and folders all from Kmart. 

The mum shared her impressive handiwork in a post to the Kmart Home Décor and Hacks Australia Facebook page prompting virtual applause from some of the group’s half a million members.

‘Wow – I would love this set up and I’m decades older than your daughter. One lucky young lady,’ one woman wrote and another joked: ‘Are you adopting?’.

‘I’m impressed. That is a very well organised work space,’ a third said. 

‘This is awesome! You are so creative!’ someone added.  


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