Tennessee woman sets record for world’s longest MULLET

  • Tami Manis, 58, has long auburn locks that measure five feet, eight inches long
  • The nurse said she hasn’t cut her hair in 33 years 
  • Her inspiration for the hairdo came from a music video by American rock band, ‘Til Tuesday 

A 58-year-old Tennessee woman has set the record for the world’s longest mullet that is nearly the height of an average man.

Tami Manis long flowing auburn locks measures an astounding five feet eight inches long. 

A mullet is defined as a hairstyle that is ‘short at the top and long at the back’ and is commonly referred to as being ‘business in the front and a party in the back.’

Manis, who hails from Knoxville and works as a public health nurse, said she hasn’t cut her hair in 33 years and has sported the hairdo since the 1980s, the BBC reported.

The inspiration for the style, she said, came from the music video, ‘Voices Carry,’  from the American rock band ‘Til Tuesday. 

In 2024, her mullet will be featured in the 2024 Guinness World Records book.

Pictured: Tami Manis, 58, hair measures an astounding five feet, eight inches long

The nurse, who hails from Knoxville, Tennessee said she often wears it in a braid so she can manage it

‘Til Tuesday lead singer Aimee Mann sports a platinum blonde spiky hairstyle in the music video that Manis fancied.

‘The girl had a rattail and I really wanted one of those,’ she told the Guinness World of Records, the news outlet reported.

The mullet hairstyle that was all the rage in the 1980s and early 1990s was worn by musicians, actors and the like, including Patrick Swayze, Billy Ray Cyrus and Mario Lopez.

Manis shared the last time she went for a haircut was in 1989 and immediately regretted doing it. Her hair hasn’t gone near a set of shears since.

Her new world title is not the first win for Manis, in 2022, she finished in second place in the 2022 US Mullet. 

Aimee Mann is the lead singer in the American rock band, 'Til Tuesday. In the photo, she sports a spiky hairdo. Manis said her inspiration for her mullet came from the 'Voices Carry,' video

Manis beams as she holds up her certificate issued by Guinness World Records for world's longest competitive mullet for a female

The secrets she revealed to her long locks are ‘good genes.’ 

Some of her beauty tips include using Argan oil as a conditioner to help keep her hair looking healthy and smooth. And, to help keep her hair manageable, she said, she frequently wears it in a braid

The healthcare worker revealed that most people she meets don’t even realize how long her hair is until she turns around. The element of surprise is all part of the fun. 


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