The £16 bond-building shampoo that transforms damaged hair

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Repairing damaged hair from the inside out, the BoldPlex 4 Bond Strengthening Protein Shampoo has drawn comparisons to Olaplex No.4 Bold Maintenance Shampoo – only it’s cheaper.

Shoppers with broken, dry and brittle hair have discovered the £15.26 Bond Strengthening Shampoo and hailed it an ‘equal rival for Olaplex’, sharing how it ‘works like a dream’ to smooth and repair damaged locks. 

BoldPlex 4 Bond Strengthening Protein Shampoo, 237ml

Say goodbye to dry, damaged, and straw-like hair with the BoldPlex 4 Bond Strengthening Protein Shampoo. This affordable haircare solution uses bond-building technology to repair hair proteins on a molecular level.

The daily shampoo offers a gentle yet potent cleansing experience, fortifying even the most stressed-out locks. Suitable for all hair types, whether you have curly and dry locks or vibrant, bleached tresses.

With consistent use, it provides everyday protection against the wear and tear inflicted by styling, colouring, chemical treatments, and excessive processing.

£15.26 (save £2.69) Shop

Working on a molecular level to repair hair proteins, shoppers have revealed how the BoldPlex 4 Bond Strengthening Protein Shampoo 'makes a massive difference' to damaged hair

Hundreds of shoppers have made the switch from Olaplex to Boldplex after shoppers have deemed it ‘exactly like the Olaplex but at a fraction of the cost’.

Now on sale for £15.26 for 237ml compared to the £28 250ml bottle of the Olaplex No.4 Bold Maintenance Shampoo, you could save over £10 a pop. 

Working on a molecular level to repair hair proteins, shoppers have revealed how it ‘makes a massive difference’ to lifeless, brittle hair, with some users noticing a difference after just a few washes. 

Unlike traditional shampoos, the Boldplex gets to work on a deeper, molecular level through its bond-building technology.

This technology gets to work repairing hair proteins previously damaged by styling, colouring, chemical treatments and over-processing. If you’ve noticed your hair breaking, then this could be for you.

Used just as you would a daily revitalising shampoo, you’ll get cleansed and clarified hair whilst safe in the knowledge that you’re also strengthening and reinforcing dry and damaged follicles. 

Amazon shoppers with curly, dry, coloured, frizzy, broken and bleached hair types have all left glowing reviews for the bond-building shampoo, calling it a ‘miracle in a bottle’, thanks to the noticeable improvement in hair texture and strength.

Stressed-out hair? The top-rated BoldPlex 4 Bond Strengthening Protein Shampoo works to nourish and soothe broken strands

If your hair is constantly snapping, leaving broken dry, and damaged locks, then the BoldPlex 4 Bond Strengthening Protein Shampoo could be a good starting point to rebuild your hair. And without hefty salon price tags. 

One impressed shopper raved: ‘It’s worked better for me than Olaplex and combined with the conditioner, its been amazing. I would definitely recommend to anyone especially if you have dry hair, my hair feels so much more smoother.’

Another agreed, detailing: ‘After years of bleaching and dying my hair was becoming so damaged but the price of the leading brand made my eyes water. This however was brilliant. I use it twice a month between regular washes and it’s made a huge difference.’

A third penned: ‘I’d noticed my hair was breaking very easily and was noticeably thinner.

‘It sorted out my hair within a month. No breakage now and it’s so much thicker. It lasts for a long time too as you only need a small amount each wash.’


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