The Crown’s Elizabeth recreates Princess Diana’s iconic photoshoot

Just two months before her tragic death, her face lined newsstands all over the world on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

And now, producers of The Crown have recreated Mario Testino’s famous 1997 photoshoot with Princess Diana, which changed her image and showed the public a different side of her.

Actress Elizabeth Debicki, 33, has recreated the glossy images with the help of photographer Charlotte Hadden for the final season of the hit Netflix show, which is released today.

The new pictures, which will appear in the series in Diana’s Kensington Palace Apartment, show the actress in a beaded halterneck gown, with her blonde cropped hair straightened and relaxed.

Producers of The Crown have recreated Mario Testino¿s famous 1997 photoshoot with Princess Diana , which appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair

The new pictures will appear in the series in Diana¿s Kensington Palace Apartment

‘We had to try and strike a balance between our own interpretation and making sure it was still recognisable as the iconic Testino shoot with Diana,’ said Ms Haddon.

‘I remember the original shoot so well. What always stood out to me was the simplicity of the shoot, the natural light, a clean white space with a sofa.

‘Even some of the images are soft/blurry…the focus is on Diana and capturing her natural beauty and authenticity.’

Testino, who didn’t know Diana well at the time of the shoot, said she told him the pictures were Prince William and Harry’s favourite of her.

‘When we had edited the pictures and sent them to Diana for her approval, she said to me that her sons had told her they were the most like her that they had seen,’ he said in 2005.

‘This was a great compliment because, of course, I didn’t know her. I just tried to grasp something on the spur of the moment.’

He said of the shoot: ‘We straightened her hair and did the simplest makeup.. I think she felt she looked great.’ The shoot was to promote a New York charity auction of some of her evening dresses, but Testino wanted her to be ‘wearing jeans’ in ‘her mind’ as the photos were taken.

The sixth and final series of The Crown has courted controversy over the decision to film scenes in the lead up to and the aftermath of the car crash that killed Diana.

‘It was difficult to recreate. It was heavy and very manic, and incredibly invasive. And it had a kind of pressure to it,’ said Ms Debicki.

Series creator Peter Morgan admitted that he’s not ‘sad’ that they’ve reached the end of the show as it is ‘time’ for it to be over.

Elizabeth channelled Princess Diana's famous revenge dress at The Crown Season Six Premiere in LA

Princess Diana debuted The Revenge Dress at a fundraising dinner hosted by Vanity Fair for the Serpentine Gallery on 29 June 1994

‘I’m probably not sad that we’ve reached the end. I think it was time,’ he said on the first episode of the official podcast for The Crown.

‘I don’t entirely know [how to feel] yet, but pretty relieved. I mean, positively, relieved.’

Imelda Staunton, 67, who plays the Queen, said the final episode was changed from what was originally planned following her death.

‘I sort of knew vaguely what it would be, and, you know, they’re going to change and I think there’s no doubt that the final episode was altered because of the death of the Queen,’ she said.

‘Well, we had started filming in September and, and then the Queen died when, when we were, when we were filming that day, I remember, and um, and I came home and I was absolutely inconsolable and more.’

On Sunday the Australian actress channelled the Princess’ famous revenge dress as she joined her fellow castmates at the premiere in LA. 

Elizabeth selected a little black dress by Bottega Veneta for the glamorous event held at the Westwood Regency Village Theatre.

Hailing from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the sleek off-shoulder design incorporated a structured bodice and midi length, highlighting the actress’ statuesque frame.

Elizabeth added sheer black tights and court shoes, echoing Princess Diana’s ensemble from her 1994 dinner at the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens. 


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