The Google Home Max is back in stock and too cheap to ignore – Chrome Unboxed

Just when we thought our favorite Google Home speaker was completely done for, it has made a resurgence on the Google Store and it is nearly as affordable as it has ever been. Sure, there have been a few flash sales that got it down to $149 a few times in 2020, but they never lasted long and were usually tied to some sort of bundle. This time, the Google Home Max is resurfacing in Google’s own store and both the black and white models are marked down to $179 each.

If you remember our review and follow up on this speaker, it is an absolute beast. The sound quality is superb, the connectivity is solid, and it still looks great on the shelf. It is no hyperbole to say that this is the most-used speaker I have around me. Compared with the smart speakers I have at home, I use the Google Home Max at least 10x more. It has been a staple of our office and as far as I can tell, will stay that way for a very long time.

Other than cost, there was never any reason not to buy this excellent speaker from Google. At $399 when it debuted, it was always a bit pricey for many users, but recent discounts to $299 on a regular basis have made it far more palatable. Now marked down to $179 consistently (as long as stock stays around), it is hard to recommend any other speakers at this point. Sure, you could get a pair of Nest Audio speakers for almost the same money, but I promise you even a stereo pairing of those fantastic speakers pales in comparison to the Google Home Max’s massive sound stage. It’s just that good.

Buy the Google Home Max at the Google Store

We fully expect Google to sell through this final stock and then put the oh-so-excellent Google Home Max out to pasture, so if you’ve ever considered one, you should jump on this deal while you can. If you enjoy solid, round, full audio and want a smart assistant added in, you can’t go wrong with this speaker. I simply love it and think many of you will, too. At this price, it’s finally an easy recommend for just about anyone out there.


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