The one lesson MICHAEL OWEN has learned from life

Former footballer and TV pundit Michael Owen lives in Cheshire, with his wife Louise and their four children: Gemma, 20, James, 17, Emily, 15, and Jessica, 13.


It’s no parent’s dream for their daughter to go on Love Island, so I make no apologies for having initial concerns when our eldest child, Gemma, was a contestant on the show last year. But the longer it went on, the more I got my head around it.

She was offered an opportunity and, let’s be honest, there’s probably no single other way you can go from nothing to being famous and having millions of followers than doing that show.

It might only be short term — who knows? — but she certainly had a good time and came out of it with her head held high, and is enjoying what’s followed.

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I was very proud of the way she behaved and acted. I know there were certain things she didn’t like doing, but she put a brave face on and got through it. 

As parents watching we could see the things she was uncomfortable with, but I wasn’t hiding behind the couch thinking: ‘What are you doing?!’

I knew she’d come across fine. She’s got a sense of humour and is full of life and laughter. You don’t mess with her, she has a very sound head on her shoulders and is incredibly mature.

Gemma and I were around the same age when we came into the public eye. 

But while she was born into a family that’s fortunate enough to have a lovely house and go on nice holidays, I went from being a scruffy tracksuit-wearing lad to going to the World Cup and all of a sudden being famous.

When my kids look at pictures of me when I was younger, they’re horrified. Rockport shoes with really baggy jeans was a big look when I was a teenager. I wore a lot of Maharishi jeans — which are sought after now, I’m told.

Michael and Louise's eldest child, Gemma Owen, 20, appeared on dating show Love Island in 2022

I still have them somewhere. My wife, Louise, is always telling me off for not clearing stuff out but I always tell myself I’ll definitely wear something again — even though I never do.

These days I feel I’ve found a style that suits me. I love a bespoke suit, but I’m also really proud of my new casual-wear range. Everything is something I’d wear. 

I met with the designers and was reassured that they weren’t going to put me in things I’d never choose for myself.

Louise and Gemma are most likely to critique my outfits. I’ll often get an ‘Oh God, you’re not wearing that are you?!’

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