This 4-ft artificial plant is ‘insanely realistic’ and it’s just $60

Gorgeous greenery: Shoppers say this 4-foot tall artificial plant will add calm and tranquility to a room FOREVER with zero maintenance (and it looks just like the real thing)

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Having a house full of plants and greenery brings instant zen and calmness, especially if they don’t take a lot of maintenance.

Meet the Floworld Monstera, which Amazon shoppers say is just as realistic as a live plant but requires no care, watering and will look luscious all year round. It’s artificial, but you could never tell by looking at it.

Floworld 4-Ft Monstera Real-Looking Artificial Plant

A lot of design work has gone into making the Floworld artificial plant look realistic. First, the leaves are silky rather than plastic. Second, the trunk feels sturdy and rough.

Finally, the leaves are all different shapes and with different gaps, to mimic the flaws found naturally in live plants.

It’s half the price of a 4-ft tall live plant and you never have to water it. 

$59.99  Shop

Measuring four-foot tall, this realistic plant offers a lot of bang for buck as it will be attention-grabbing wherever you place it, instantly adding softness and calm to a room.

Stand it by the stairs or near a coffee table and the room will look brighter, which helps with productivity and moods for everyone inside.

Imperfectly perfect: The artificial Floworld Monstera has a couple of small flaws on the leaves to make it look more realistic.

It’s affordable price means you can invest in a few smaller plants like the COCOBOO three-piece potted plant set and still have change from $80. A living 4ft plant would be double that and there’s no guarantee you wouldn’t kill it.

As the Floworld Monstera is made from silk green leaves and a realistic tree trunk, there’s none of the cheap plastic-y tones to give away that it’s artificial.

Even the leaves are purposefully created with a few flaws. This makes the overall appearance a lot more realistic than the uniform and ‘too-perfect’ nature of other artificial plants.

The 4-ft tool Monstera is indestructible - for just $59.99

A three-pack of COCOBOO fake plants is reduced to $19.99 on Amazon

Such is the quality of the design of the Floworld bestseller, it has hundreds of five star reviews on Amazon from delighted customers and some even call it the most realistic faux plant they’ve ever seen.

‘This is a beautiful addition to my living room,’ wrote one shopper. ‘Right from unboxing it I loved it I don’t think I’ve seen a better artificial plant.’

Another added: ‘Whether you set in on the floor, or you elevate it on a stand, it makes a great statement in the room. The details that the manufacturer used for this plant make it look so real! I just love it!! I recommend it 100 per cent.’

The imposing size of the Floworld Monstera means it will be noticed in a room and adds something calming to look at in an open space like a hallway

The Floworld plant arrives in a box and takes seconds to assemble. Simply bend, separate, and fluff the branches and leaves to achieve desired height and fullness.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of greenery all year round without any effort? Head to Amazon now and shop the Floworld statement plant here or smaller potted ones here.


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