This cooling pillow spray has improves sleep for thousands – now $9.99

Struggle to sleep in summer? Thousands of people say this cooling pillow spray has helped them to calm down, relax and get more rest – all for just $9.99

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Balmy summer nights can make it hard to sleep, but shoppers are stumbling upon a fix that costs less than $10. It’s called the Muse Apothecary calming pillow spray.

Whether you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep at night, this aromatherapeutic blend of lavender and other botanicals will both soothe your senses and refresh your bed linen. This will instantly cool you down and help your body relax while simultaneously calming the brain so you can relax into a deeper state of sleep.

Muse Apothecary Fleur De Lavender Pillow Ritual 

Hot and bothered? The Muse Apothecary pillow spray can solve both issues.

The relaxing mist refreshes your pillows and sheets with an aromatherapeutic blend of natural fragrances and essential oils, creating a soothing daily ritual for your senses.

This includes lavender, which is proven to help sleep by increasing the brainwaves associated with relaxation

$9.98  Shop

The Muse Apothecary calming pillow spray can help you fall asleep faster as well as stay asleep. The scent lasts all night so if you do wake up in the night, it will help you drift off again

On Amazon, where there are more than 5,000 five star reviews for this soothing blend of natural essential oils, shoppers have hailed it as ‘life-changing’ and a ‘must-have’ for their bedtime routine.

With the cooling, cruelty-free all-natural mist on their pillow, there’s no need for a noisy fan in the bedroom and it’s a lot cheaper than some of the mass market pillow sprays that may not use such kind ingredients.

Plus, all it takes is a few spritzes of the light, cooling Muse mist to lull shoppers into sleep, even those suffering from insomnia and other long-term sleeep problems.

‘This is AMAZING!’ praised one delighted shopper. ‘I have insomnia and used pills which help a little. I used this product two nights in a row and it has helped me immensely. I had 8-9 hours of straight sleep those two nights. I highly recommend!’

Made with all natural-ingredients in the USA and cruelty-free, there are no nasty side effects with the spray compared to sleeping pills or melatonin gummies

Another added: ‘I was skeptical until I used it. I was asleep in literally 10mins. My 17yr old twins who often suffer insomnia, told me they had a better nights sleep using the lavender spray then with the melatonin. I actually woke up before my alarm clock, feeling refreshed.’

Lavender is proven in scientific research to help sleep by increasing the brainwaves associated with relaxation. The other plant based essentials oils in the Muse Apothecary spray will leave you feeling calm, soothed and less stressed.

Made in the USA, the pillow spray is also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

Shop it on Amazon now – it could be the most useful $10 you’ve ever spent on yourself. 


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